real quick

The Dress Issue is SOLVED thanks to Lord & Taylor. Which is very, very punny if you think about it; given that I was invoking all of the gods in the hopes of finding a well-tailored gown.

It seems all I ever need to accomplish anything in life is a killer deadline.

More later.

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  1. TadMack says: 🙂

    Whoo hoo!
    Maybe that’s all the incentive I need: no time, and a pressing need. And invocations. I’ll try that, next time…

  2. BH Takes Author Shopping

    For the record folks, taking Laurie shopping compares with a visit to the dentist. The first dress, second color choice, and I puddled up just like I did when she said yes to “will you marry me”? I will make sure that she posts a picture on this LJ, you have my word. Everyone of you have been so kind and I first hand have seen what your encouragement has meant to Laurie. I as the keeper of the gate, maker of the tea, and most of all the BH, Thank you so very much for your support

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