real quick

The Dress Issue is SOLVED thanks to Lord & Taylor. Which is very, very punny if you think about it; given that I was invoking all of the gods in the hopes of finding a well-tailored gown.

It seems all I ever need to accomplish anything in life is a killer deadline.

More later.

7 Replies to “real quick”

  1. TadMack says: 🙂

    Whoo hoo!
    Maybe that’s all the incentive I need: no time, and a pressing need. And invocations. I’ll try that, next time…

  2. BH Takes Author Shopping

    For the record folks, taking Laurie shopping compares with a visit to the dentist. The first dress, second color choice, and I puddled up just like I did when she said yes to “will you marry me”? I will make sure that she posts a picture on this LJ, you have my word. Everyone of you have been so kind and I first hand have seen what your encouragement has meant to Laurie. I as the keeper of the gate, maker of the tea, and most of all the BH, Thank you so very much for your support

  3. You

    You’re gorgeous! Isn’t that what your big sister is supposed to say. OMG what a fabulous book this is! Nancy

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