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  1. Yay for you! Infinite congrats, Laurie. You deserve every amazing thing you get, especially since you put out so many amazing things into the universe.

    : throws sparkly confetti :

  2. woo hoo

    Dearest Laurie:

    I just saw the list and was thrilled to see CHAINS on it. Congrats. Well deserved and all that jazz. Kisses and hugs across the Mississippi and up to you in NY.


  3. Congrats!

    I saw the nominees posted at Galleycat and came right over to your blog to say congrats! Yay!

  4. Yay!!! HUGE congratulations, Laurie – and it’s an honor that is so well deserved. I’m happy that this book will find its way to even more readers now. Hurray!!

  5. I was thinking the same thing. And I’m pretty sure she still fits in it. 🙂

    Welcome back to the Pantheon. It’s very well deserved. When I did the final edit, I had a strong sense this was in your future, but I didn’t want to jinx it by saying so out loud.

    Here’s hoping you and Scot have the same magical experience in the Big Apple that we did back in 1999. Congratulation!


    PS: “Sentences” is spelled with all “e”s. (Once a proofreader, always a proofreader.)

  6. NBA

    You’re even having an uncharacteristically hard time spelling sentences!



    PS. Didn’t you win a major fashion show just recently? In Anaheim? Shopping for a dress shouldn’t be too hard for a Prom Queen!

  7. Congratulations, Laurie! You deserve it. The publisher never did send me a copy, but this news just inspired me to purchase one. I figure I better get it now, before it sells out completely. I’m so happy for you!!

  8. TadMack says: 🙂

    Ooh, I just read this in GalleyCat and wanted to drop by and shriek with you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations! I just read about the nominees earlier, and saw your name there. What a wonderful honor.

    Kim Wheedleton

  10. Won’t it be fun to go into a store, and when the saleperson asks, “And is this for a special occasion?”

    You’ll say, “A very special occasion.”


  11. That is so awesome! Congratulations! Now I have to get my hands on a copy somehow. Also, I told my mom that she should adapt it for her middle school special ed class.

  12. OK, folks, for those of you keeping score at home… gregatafs is my first husband and the father to our daughters adastraperasper and srtajustice. He is still a very dear friend to both Bh and me.

    Greg was with me when SPEAK was nominated in 1999 and he bravely tolerated my dress angst. I imagine he is relieved to escape that burden this time.

    The family that blogs together, stays family.

  13. NBA nomination

    I just finished the ARC I have of Chains tonight. I knew even before you were nominated this book was special. I know it is destined for great success.
    Wishing you the best…..Donna/Library Media Specialist
    Review on the way. 🙂

  14. Congrats!
    You’ve earned it
    Hopefully CHAINS will bring in even more awards, but it would be more important (in my opinion) that you get the largest number of readers you’ve ever had to read the story

  15. Perhaps that was the sound of One Hand Clapping.

    No, in fact, you caught the Proofreader in a proofreading error. Which is to say, I was wrrr… wrrr… wrrr… not as right as I usually am. If I had typed what I had really been feeling at that moment, it would have been:


  16. Oh my sweet sweet friend! I JUST read the news on THE NEW YORK TIMES. Not here. (I was so tuned in politics today that my eyes never left CSPAN. Forgive me for not knowing earlier.)

    I am thrilled for you. Ecstatic for you.

    I am not ashamed to admit a big, silly, wet tear just curled down my cheek. Here comes another.

    Your words honor ALL of us.
    You make me love being a writer. {}

    Your friend and fan,

  17. You deserve every accolade. And I have confidence in you about the dress part. You can scale mountains. You can buy a dress. There must be one SOMEWHERE that you will like.

  18. (Because One Comment is Not Enough)

    That you care means everything to me.
    And that cover alone (artist is…?) deserves a medal. It evokes pain and passion and hope and story. Brilliant.

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