Chapter 15 needs me

Chapter 15 is like a large toddler who is both teething and suffering a nasty stomach virus. And has the chicken pox. All at the same time.

I will be spending the day with Chapter 15, cleaning up her messes and sorting out her woes. If she’s in better shape tomorrow, then I will answer the really good questions about genre-switching that were asked in the Comments section yesterday.

Feel free to ask more.

Oh, dear. Chapter 15 just vomited tangled strands of unmotivated plot all over the carpet. The dog wants to lick it up.

Must run!

9 Replies to “Chapter 15 needs me”

  1. LOL

    At least viruses pass on their own, except for the need for hand-holding and clean-up. Good thing Chapter 15 has you to take care of her, because those problems won’t go away by themselves!

  2. TadMack says: 🙂

    Well, let’s at least get that plot hurling stopped.
    Take care — hope you can get a few moments peace from the whinging and itching soon.

  3. I love your way with words. It’s 2:15 am here and I just read the sentence involving chapter 15, vomit and the dog. I haven’t laughed that hard in longer than I want to admit. Thanks.

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