Mark your calendars and run with us!

Yep, we’re still running. Most of the injuries accumulated this spring have healed and we’re shuffling through mile after mile again.

I am the Galloping Turtle. Hear me roar.

We’re planning on running the Philadelphia Half-Marathon next month. Will any of you be there?

If you live in Central New York, come join us the week before for a more reasonable race. My hometown of Mexico NY is holding its annual 5K Cider Run and Walk on Saturday, September 13. All of the proceeds benefit the Mexico public library, a small library which serves a lot of people quite admirably. Don’t worry if you are not quite fleet of foot; lots of folks walk this race instead of running.

The run winds gently through town, beginning and ending at the high school. I imagine that the local pick-your-own apple orchards will be open, so you can make the trip well worth your while.

It’s a short stroll in a lovely village, you can pick apples, and it’s for a great cause. Do it! You know you want to! And you can even register for the race online. How easy is that?

Check out Lubar’s blog today.

Big book trailer contest announcement tomorrow. Teachers and librarians, be sure to tune in!

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  1. I have family in the Southern Tier … next time I’m there sometime other than winter, I’ll have to remember to check if there are an 5Ks in the area! (Well, first I have to get my heels all the way healed–but after that. :-))

    But I’m pretty sure I’m slower than any of you …

  2. Hey Laurie, come on over to VT some year and do the Cambridge-Jeff 5K, which has just been revived after an 8-year hiatus. The Cambridge Rotary (brand new) is running it. Labor Day’s the day.

    I have to miss it because BD moves back to college that day, but it’s fun–serious runners, as well as families with kids who walk. Once we even had a bagpipe walk the distance, playing.

  3. I wish you luck

    I come from a family of runners (everyone but me), so I know in a by proxy way that those races are at once exhilarating and exhausting. Good luck! (Be gone, shin splints!)

    If you find yourself thinking about Ohio next fall, for whatever reason, my hometown Pemberville has a 5-mile (not a 5K) run as part of its free fair in August. It’s often ungodly hot, but people love this race. They’ve come from all over to run it–there was a family who used to drive in from Pennsylvania every year. Maybe they still do.

  4. My feet won’t let me do a half-marathon, but a 5K? Yeah, maybe. My son attends SUNY Oswego. Husband and I will check it out. Thanks for the info.


  5. Not really related but…

    Congraulations on winning the ALAN award. I’ve always enjoyed your books, meeting you (Kalamazoo, MI-March of 2005, I think) and ALWAYS recommending your books to teens at the library I work at.
    AND I know where Mexico NY is (family has a cottage in Redfield). Gotta love those Granma Brown beans.
    SO keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next book.
    Kathy Fannon
    Romeo Distict Library, Washington MI

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