Everything is much brighter now

So my mom spent a week in the hospital, but she didn’t die. Yay, Mom! Now she’s at the “spa” which is what we’re calling the facility where she is staying for the next month because “rehab center” doesn’t sound right. She’s working with physical and occupational therapists every day to regain strength and mobility. The goal is to get her walking again. If ferocity and determination count for anything, she’ll make it.


I picked more than 50 tomatoes from my garden this morning, which means we’ll be eating gazpacho all week. Has anyone tried to freeze gazpacho?

I received the ARC of the British version of CHAINS.

Here’s the British cover.

This is the American version.


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  1. I love them both! I already went on and on about the US one. But I love the Old Fashion feel to the British one too. I would pick it up if I saw it at the store. I think you lucked out on both!

  2. First, I’m so glad your mom is okay…really.

    As for the covers, I loved the American cover when I picked up the ARC of CHAINS at Book Expo. Now that I see the British cover–I’m in love. But you must understand, I adore pink and this has a bit of a “come to tea” feel. I haven’t yet gotten to read your book, so I don’t know if that’s appropriate or not, as I know it’s a serious story, but overall, I think both covers are lovely and will make readers want to pick them up and head home to read.

  3. I like the American one a lot better.
    So for once, I’m proof that their assumptions about cultural preferences for design were on target.
    Though that could mean that they got it backwards for everyone else, given my usual experience in these matters…

  4. The British one makes me think of the opening sequences for Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. In other words: too cutesy for my liking.

    Though it is a nice cover, it conveys something completely different than the American cover. I wonder if there could be some kind of study or comparison of the sales for the different cover versions.

    Anyway: Congrats!

  5. The British one is more “attractive” but the American one is more active and more dangerous. The girl in the British cover isn’t doing anything, just looking pretty. The girl in the American cover is less feminine and is in action.

  6. Woo! that’s great!
    I hope she does well in the “spa” and gets better soon.

    Ouu, I love getting to eat stuff that my mom grew 🙂

    I love the British cover, very pretty.

  7. Love the covers, especially the American one. Bold and really captures the art of a certain time and place… Will definitely stand out.

  8. Yay for Mom!!! If my mom can do it, so can yours (mine’s 80), 3rd hip replacement last spring. (She has the normal number of legs, but the 2nd hip replacement was a problem). She has just finished canning 52 pints of beans. Now she’s cleaning/sorting out an old schoolhouse for the local historical society.

    Chains covers–prefer the American one, which doesn’t look as retro as the British one, and seems to convey a sense of struggle. I can practically see those arms pulling against their shackles.

  9. I’m so glad to hear your mom is going to be okay! My mother is an occupational therapist, and I spent a summer as a receptionist in the OT/PT clinic where she works. To see the determination of those patients as they struggled through treatment … it was inspiring. And it made me super-proud of my mother and this profession she loves so much. I hope your mom’s treatment passes as quickly as possible.

    I prefer the American cover, but that’s probably because I am obsessed with the color green, especially lighter shades (something I get from my lovely mom).

  10. Yay for your mom! Spa does sound so much nicer and it puts the time in a positive light which should help with recovery too!

    As to the book covers, I think the American version is much more powerful. Also, I think it is much more gender neutral. I don’t know many guys that would want to be seen reading a pink cover book, no matter how great a story it is – but then again British guys could be different. I think the girl on the front of the British cover looks more demure and weak than I know she is.

    By the way this is my first time posting… but I am Amy from ALA. (You told me to tell you that when you signed my Advanced Reader of Chains at ALA)

  11. Your Mom

    I’ve been thinking about you for the last week. I knew you were tending your mother. I’m glad everything worked out. Your mom is an incredible lady. I’m assuming Dad survived the ordeal too…. Love to you and yours…kim

  12. That’s good to hear about your mom, and best of luck with her goals!
    I love the American cover of Chains. Both of them are really awesome, but I personally think that there’s a stronger message with the American one. 🙂

  13. Congratulations to your mom! Go hard!

    I’m not quite sure I understand the… pinkness going on in the British cover.

    Love love love the I guess it’s bluntness of the American cover — the girl, the title, the birds — the strong contrasts in soft colors — it’s beautiful and plain at the same time.

  14. I don’t understand the Mary Blair-ness of the British cover. Or the pink. I don’t like it at all. The US cover, on the other hand, is completely awesome.

  15. I’m glad to hear your mom is recovering.
    Never froze gazpacho, but I have had it with sour cream, YUM!
    I like the American cover better. Something about the artwork just really strikes me, I can’t really explain it.

  16. Yay for your mum! I wish her a speedy and full recovery.

    I really love the American cover. I think I would like the British cover better if it kept the same base background color as the American version. The antique look is nice and caught my attention, but the pink is not to my taste and I think it restricts the market.

  17. hmm, as much as I like the British cover taken on it’s own as a design, I strongly prefer the American one. I’m not quite sure I can pin down why…

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