Already Lost in Time & WFMAD 29

Sorry about the lateness of this post. I dove into a few research books early and forgot to come up for air. They need to go back to the library tomorrow, so I’ll not be nattering or ranting today.

Did you do anything about your writing space yesterday?


Today’s goal: write for 20 minutes (Think you can do it? Come on! It’s art! We’re supposed to break rules!)

Today’s mindset: yoga-stretching your brain

Today’s prompt: Write down the type of music that you hate the most, the stuff that raises your blood pressure. Now turn your radio to a station that plays that kind of music and listen to it while you write whatever images that fill your head. Try not to blather on about your feeling, i.e. I hate this crap, etc. Try to allow concrete images that represent the feelings bubble to the surface and write them down.

The point of this is to take you out of your comfort zone. So it’s OK to be uncomfortable.


5 Replies to “Already Lost in Time & WFMAD 29”

  1. Ha! Great exercise.

    This is, in fact, how I’m writing my entire second novel. To a degree, its ALL about discomfort. Good times.

    – Jill Murray

  2. Jim Bishop…

    used this prompt a great deal… not only with music, but free association in general. He was a fun person and always reminded me a bit of George Carlin. His claim to fame? He was Stephen King’s teacher and introduced him to Tabatha. I knew him when he taught at the then-Portland School of Art. I never got past the blather part in art school, I shall have to try this NOW with the discipline of the intervening years in my pocket (yeah, that’s where I keep them).

  3. Half day today. Got lots to do this afternoon.

    Great prompt. I’ve also used this often. It’s a great way to set aside my emotional reaction to something and get down to what’s really going on. It lets me see things with an objective eye, too.

  4. Old friend

    Hey Laurie, I sent an e-mail to your writerlady web-site, I’m an old friend of yours from High School. Greg Goodman, my e-mail is Send me a response if you remember me. My son has a summer reading book list and your book Speak was on the list. That’s how I made the connection. WTG on the books, can’t wait to read them.

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