Adventuring and WFMAD – Day 12

I’m leaving in a couple of minutes on a historical fiction research adventure.

A couple of quick things before I go:

1. I missed this the first time around, but Fuse 8 reposted a link to the really nice things that PW blogger Alison Morris said about the cover design of CHAINS. For the record, the book’s gifted designer is Lizzy Bromley and the cover artist is Christopher Silas Neal.

2. I don’t miss Pennsylvania politics.

Today’s goal: Write for 15 minutes.

Today’s mindset: observant.

Today’s prompt: Leave your house and go to a fairly crowded place where you can sit down. Spend your fifteen minutes making up stories about the strangers walking by you. Pick up on a specific detail of their clothes or what they’re carrying, or their behavior as they move past you. If one of the quick one or two line sketches grabs you by the throat and the details start to pour out, stay with it until you can’t write any more. (This is a favorite game of mine for being stuck in airports.)


3 Replies to “Adventuring and WFMAD – Day 12”

  1. Just got in my fifteen minutes. 🙂 Now it’s off to the library so my kids can pick out their favorite books.

    This is so cool. I like getting in at least these fifteen minutes on the weekends. Very empowering. 🙂

  2. got in my 15 minutes, and then some. Maybe 30 total. I wasn’t expecting to because yesterday afternoon turned out to a crappy nightmare that I am not going to go into, one that left me feeling like the slime you wipe off the bottom of the toilet tank when you haven’t cleaned for a while in the summer. So I gave myself permission to take a day off today. Managing to write anyway was a pleasant surprise. The other stuff is still there, but eh.

  3. Hope you had a fun research adventure today, Laurie!

    I joined WFMAD four days ago, thanks to a fellow writing buddy who ‘nudged’ me in this direction. I admit I fell off the wagon yesterday, but I’m back on track today.
    So far it’s been awesome. 🙂
    I’ve been having a difficult time writing this year and I always feel guilty and down on myself, but the 15 min challenge has really helped me get back on track. yay! I love the prompts you’ve been giving, too. Thanks for issuing the challenge.

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