Start dancing!

The wonderful folks over at Readergirlz have declared the month of June to be PROM month.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic As in, the book I wrote called Prom.

The site is fantabulous. You can:

1. download a poster there,
2. read a quick interview with me (and follow links to other interviews)
3. listen to the playlist I put together
4. give to a good cause
5. participate in the forum (I’ll be dropping in all month, so look for me there)
6. party ideas centered on the book (come on, you know you want to throw a party!)

Be sure to check out the great roundtable discussion on Little Willow’s blog. (I loved the discussion of Ashley’s definition of “normal.”) And mark your calendars for June 19th (9 pm EST), when I’ll be live at the forum for an hour to answer questions. (Any questions that can’t wait that long, you can post here, of course.)

We just got a scanner, so I will be digging under the Forest floor in search of old PROM pictures and posting them, too. Have you looked at yours recently?

You are officially invited to join us in this PROM celebration. You don’t have to buy a dress or rent a tux. No limos, please. This is just a group of readers hanging out talking about a fun book.

And occasionally dancing.

2 Replies to “Start dancing!”

  1. We are totally grooving to host you, Laurie! Let the dance begin! *tapping my converse to the beat*

    Lorie Ann Grover ~rgz diva/author

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