Ask me questions, please

This medicine the doc gave me is amazing. I am already feeling much better.

Sad, though, about the death of Arthur C. Clarke, whose books, along with Heinlein’s, helped me survive high school. Clarke lived to be 90 years old. I can’t begrudge him getting tired after a while.

I am putting the finishing touches on some stuff for the long overdue website overhaul. I need your help.

One page is just my Favorites: food, season, city, etc. What do you want to know?

Also, I am finally doing the FAQ. What Frequently Asked Questions do you want answered? What Infrequently Asked Questions?

Teachers – I think you should give extra points to any of your students who pose good questions here!

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  1. 1)If you could make one writing related wish on a shooting star, what would it be?
    2)Do you have another career other than being a novelist?
    3)What are some of your favorite classic books?

  2. 1. How do you keep up with all your journaling etc. and still write? You always have sooooo much info posted on line…and you exercise and can a zillion things at the end of the summer and travel…you see my point!

    2. I would love to hear some of those defining moments, when you talked to a reader and realized that you CHANGED A LIFE. That’s really what we are all shooting for with our writing…to make an impact of some significance.

    3. Who was that author when you were plotting away unknown to the rest of the world, that you aspired to be like?

    4. What do you think is the biggest strength and weakness of this generation of young adults as readers?

  3. Favorite movies, books, bands/solo artists, poems, tv shows.

    I really think that what we like is important, because even when we don’t know why we like something, there’s a reason it appeals to us.

  4. oh puzzling i know

    How do you know when a story has been told? How do you know you’ve told all you need to tell? How do you know when you’re done? Do you ever know?
    (4 ways of asking the same question) oh I know… I’m good
    -future author at work

  5. Questions!

    Without further ado… 🙂

    1. Do you ever just begin by writing a scene that comes into your mind, and then make it part of a story later?

    2. Do some ideas grow in your mind over a great number of years before being realised?

    3. How long does it take you to write a first draft?

  6. What do you feel your books, and others in your genre, can contribute to high schoolers everywhere?

    Songs that have changed your life

    Which of your characters is your favorite?

    What area of study do you regret not paying as much attention to?

  7. How do you research your books like Speak and Twisted? At what point do you begin/continue the research?

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