quick breath

I am dashing outside the Cave of Revision for a quick breath of fresh air. All is going fairly well. I am working long days, but love being so submerged in my story. One of the characters is now found only on the cutting room floor. Eliminating her cleared up all kinds of structural problems in the text.

Now if I could just get rid of the hamsters who have taken up residence in my lungs, life would be peachy. I am coughing like a seal with a three-pack a day habit, a seal who hangs out under the dock and steals French fries from unsuspecting tourists, a seal who works as a carnie with a traveling fair and writes rambling screeds about walrus conspiracy theories. I sound like a Seal Gone Bad.

Thanks to a generous contribution from Mary Pearson and Aliya, who contributed from England (!), I am 94% on the way to making my Team in Training fund raising goal. All I need is another $150. Will you put me over the top?

OK, the fresh air is killing me. Back into the cave I go.

2008 Resolution Tracker
Week 7 – Miles Run: 22, YTD: 146.75
Week 7 – Days Written: 7, YTD: 49

45 weeks left this year.

13 Replies to “quick breath”

  1. go, go, go!

    Couldn’t agree more — love the seal bit. Picture book?

    And today I am donating to your husband’s race, because, like you, I am in a mad dash to finish my draft by the end of the month (thank god for leap years), and I think he deserves HUGE props for making the coffee happen.

    Rebecca Stead

  2. Swimming

    Congratulations to your son for making States. My niece, Courtney, is going to States (in Maryland) for 4 events. She has set the school records for 100back, 100breast, 200IM, and been part of the teams to set school records for 400IM relay and 4X100freestyle relay. Go Swimmers!!

  3. Fluids fluids fluids! And those Mucinex horse pills worked well for me when I had the phlegmy hack. Take care, and remember that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything (possible misquote from Princess Bride).

  4. Was it difficult to eliminate the character? I’m not sure how much you can tell me, if it will give spoilers, but I know I get very attached to mine.

  5. Re: go, go, go!

    Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my husband. You are right – a guy who brings coffee to a cranky writer deserves the world.

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