Go away, please. I’m writing.

No, wait! Come back!

Because TWISTED was nominated for a 2008-2009 Georgia Peach Book Award!!!! So were a lot of other great books, including a few written by friends. So I am baking a cyber-peach pie to share with Cecil, Jordan, Sherman and Gail. Somebody else better bring ice cream, ’cause we don’t have any.

Don’t forget to visit 28 Days Later, where today’s featured author is Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, who wrote The Shadow Speaker, which just made the finalists list for the Andre Norton Award (YA category) given by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Be sure to stop by her site.

OK, now you can go. On your way through the kitchen, please turn on the burner under the tea kettle, OK?

See you tomorrow.

14 Replies to “Shhh!”

  1. Can you help me please?

    im working on a research paper. we had to choose 2 books by american authers. i chose catalyst and prom because i found many aspects incommon. i was just wondering if you could give me some insite about the 2 books. like where you got the ideas or if they are based on certain lives. any additional information would help. thank you, Wren, Missouri

  2. That’s so awesome! Reminds me that Georgia isn’t so bad (living here, I sometimes forget).

    It’s even more awesome because many Georgia high schools have a club called Readers’ Rally, which is basically a competition similar to quiz bowl, except with books. And they always use the Georgia Peach Book List as the books they read each year. So even though I’m a senior, I’m glad some of my underclassman friends will be reading your novel as part of the club next year.

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