Starting to rub the sticks together

I am in Burlington VT, taking a break from chapter 20, to say how exciting it is to be here at the Kindling Words retreat! There are old friends here, and people I’ve been looking forward to meet.

Oh, and there is food.

No, not your typical rubber chicken fare. This retreat is held at the Inn at Essex. Yeah, that’s right. Home of the New England Culinary Institute.

Yes, that sound you hear is me gloating. And trying very, very hard not to be a glutton. For lunch I had Thai carrot soup and an omelet with portobello mushrooms and a little tiny bit of boursin cheese (I asked them to go easy on it) and it was so yummy I nearly wept.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Dinner included butternut squash ravioli. This photo does not do justice to the dish.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The dessert table looked killer, but I managed to satisfy myself by taking pictures.

I want to do some writing before bed. Tomorrow is my first presentation. I am so stoked! Jane Yolen is here, and Ellen Wittlinger, Sara Zarr, Vera B. Williams, Tanya Lee Stone, Kate Messner, Linda Sue Park, Gregory Maguire, Wendy Mass, and many, many more!! it is a rare treat to be in the same space as so many creative people.

More photos tomorrow.

7 Replies to “Starting to rub the sticks together”

  1. Wow, what an amazing adventure for you! I remember reading Wittlinger’s Hard Love, and being very much impressed and moved by it.

    You definitely have stronger willpower than I have, for that cheesecake would have been gone in a heartbeat!

    And slightly off-topic (for when you get a chance to answer), have you read Joyce Carol Oates’ YA novel Sexy? I’m reading it right now, and I’m interested to hear what you thought of it.

    Have fun!!

  2. you make me horrifically jealous. Jealous! Lookit all that food and all your will power. (Also, Jane Yolen! Gregory Maguire!)

    And now I have a question, because I am, after all, an admiring fan who’s trying to learn how to write. My apologies if you’ve been asked this thousands of times before.

    One of my favorite things about your books is that they’re so witty, and the dialogue in them is so real. How did you find your voice for your writing?

  3. How wonderful. What great company. And what a great way to recharge. As for the food, I’d be envious if I didn’t have my own private chef.

  4. Hubby and I stayed there one night of our honeymoon (on our way back from Quebec City). If they offer you chocolate bread pudding, you should definitely take it.

  5. Have fun!

    Then have some extra fun for me. I was supposed to be there but had to back out last-minute (too many cross-country airfares this year). So bummed to be missing it, but at least Seattle’s weather is gorgeous at the moment.

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