Delayed by crud

Today’s journal entry – which was slated to be witty, profound, and full of photos – has been indefinitely delayed because I feel cruddy.

But I am not ready to cave and say I am sick. Not yet.

Right now I am taking two books and lots of peppermint tea.

Time to crawl back on the couch and moan.

PS – I have to say thank you to all the cast and crew of the Nottingham stage version of SPEAK, which we saw yesterday and loved!!! You were wonderful!

7 Replies to “Delayed by crud”

  1. sick?

    Aw, you’re sick? I hope I didn’t give you it, I’m in the nottingham cast and I’m currently cruddy too! I feel bad now =( well, hope you get well soon

  2. hello im in the ‘ham cast too and wanted to say
    1. hope you feel better soon!

    2. thank you so much for coming to see us–i’ll never forget it, the performance was so special because of your presence.

    3. im really hoping you’re not suffering from one of the infamous MRSA outbreaks our fine school is infamous for…yikes!

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