ALAN begins!!!

So I don’t have any photos from last night’s reception because a gremlin hid my camera. (I found it this morning in a place I looked ten times last night.) The party was loads of fun and a bunch of teachers promised to send me pictures.

I hung out at ALAN most of today, camera in hand, and promise I will post them later.

What – you don’t know what ALAN is? ALAN is THE GROUP YOU MUST JOIN if you teach English, reading, literature, and/or language arts to middle or high school students, or if you are an author for the same kids, or if you are a YA librarian. It is a group of smart, passionate people committed to keeping teens involved in reading. The ALAN workshop is always two days of author talks and professional workshops at the end of NCTE. I’ll be speaking there tomorrow.

Right now I have to change for an editorial meeting and another reception. I thought I’d leave you with this first draft of a poem that dropped into my head as I walked up 8th Avenue. Read it as you enjoy the fireplace which is in the library of my hotel and is burning in front of me as I type this.

ALAN: adore,
applaud loud the
crowd of teachers unbowed,
proud to defy the lowering clouds
that darken the horizon.

ALAN, a peal
of pure song singing silver
and gold foretold by storytellers
old, old to rekindle the hope of
children on the edge.

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6 Replies to “ALAN begins!!!”


    We just did a play about your book in our district!!! I wanted to go but I heard It was amazin’. I am about to read Speak so I did not want to ruin the book. My friend just read it and was raving about it. So far I have read Prom, Fever 1973 and I am about to read Catalyst and Speak. I am so in love with your books that i read Fever 1973 and Prom almost at the same time because once I had started one I had to start the other. So I just finished Prom and I will now start Speack and Catalyst!!!!!! I have heard all about you from people around town!! Well I have to go start Catalyst!!!! Well I was also wondering if you are currently writing any new books because I might have to re-read all of your books so I have something to read untill your next one comes out. I would have no complaints reading them again!!!
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  2. I’m glad you had such fun.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures. I hope there’s one of my friend, David Gill. I keep seeing his name posted, but alas, no pictures. 🙁

  3. You wrote a poem about ALAN? How freaking cool is that? I bet no one’s ever waxed poetic about YALSA.

    (just teasing, YALSA; you know we love you, even if you cost too much to join)

  4. Ha! I finally got to see a picture of you, David, and you’re every bit as handsome as I knew you would be! XO

    P.S. Thanks, Laurie!

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