Caffeinated and craving order

My poor family.

I woke up in one of those moods today. One of those hey! it’s 6am and the sun will be up soon and you know what? it’s Saturday and that means for some strange reason I have all this extra energy that used to go into watching cartoons only now most cartoons suck so I want to…. organize my office! Yes! YES! and answer the email and pay the bills and dust and vacuum and get ready for next week’s trip and play loud music and organize all my photos and clean out my desk drawers and, and, hey – who are you? What are you doing here? Put me down. Give me that dust rag. Unhand my vacuum cleaner, you scoundrel!!!

::a new, mysterious voice leans in towards the microphone::

We interrupt this blog entry to announce that Laurie might be just a tiny bit overcaffeinated. She will be allowed to run around like a crazy person until she falls asleep on the floor in front of The Ohio State football game.

::laurie grabs the microphone back::



12 Replies to “Caffeinated and craving order”

  1. Modern cartoons do suck. All angles and characters with eyes big as saucers, and just about a saucer’s depth to the scripts. It makes me think of Bugs Bunny inundating Elmer Fudd with rabbits and saying, “I’m multiplying, doc! I’m multiplying!” He’s working an adding machine, spewing out bunnies, providing a surface explanation, but the inside joke remains.

  2. okay, so recently i bought one of gaimon’s audio books because i too adore him and saw that audible had a little library of him.
    his voice sounds *NOTHING* like i thought it would. it literally hadme sitting there stunned. now, when i’m reading fragile things in bed i can’t get that voice out of my head.

  3. Happy birthday to them :)!

    Caffeine rushes are cool, I could definitely use one right now if I’m going to write 10,000 words before tomorrow. Then again, you are probably starting to wind down right now haha. Hope you got a lot done!

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