a five of fridays

I am a huge word geek (show love for the linguistics majors, my friends) and one of my favorite things is collective nouns. So I am all over this Friday Five:

What would be a good collective name for your family, as in “A _____ of Joneses?”
We are a hug of Halse-Anderson-Larrabees.

What would be a good collective name for your closest group of friends?
Ummm… a babble of buddies.

What would be a good collective name for the stuff in your desk?
A despair of detritus.

What would be a good collective name for your next-door neighbors?
A glower of strangers.

What would be a good collective name for the people in your line of work, as in “A _____ of accountants?”
I am stuck here. Which do you like best?
1. A scribble of authors.
2. A shelf of authors.
3. An imagination of authors.

What are your Friday Five today?

Meg Rosoff: YA author? Adult author? Does it matter? Tell me true.

12 Replies to “a five of fridays”

  1. “Scribble” is cool. I’d propose “a plot of authors,” but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, plot isn’t very popular among authors these days. As for the family noun, I think I’d be gathered with a wisp of Lubars since my extended family is minuscule.

    Linguistics definitely rocks. I still have my text books.

  2. 1. A nap of us.
    2. A note of us.
    3. A threat of papers.
    4. A sheen of neighbors.
    5. A binder of [high-achieving, hyper-organized, insanely-high-expectations charter school network] teachers.

  3. 1- a sing of balentines/libicks/kings/chatfields/osbournes

    2- two groups: a shot of us. a chouch of us. (chouch is a made up word meaning any upholstered furniture- comes from a blend of chair and couch)

    3- a neglect of antiquities.

    4- a loud of young-ness.

    5- gossip of snackbar amazings.

    i should think on these and change my answers once i have come up with more coherent/eloquent responces.

  4. Probably not the best.

    A Giggle of Fields’

    A Fascination of Friends.

    A Design of Dust Creatures.

    An Assortment of Aquaintances.

    A Collection of Billers.
    [I Do Medical Billing]

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