Can someone please explain this to me? I am confused.

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  1. that… is very, very bizarre.
    and, you don’t know that guy? that almost seems like something my friends would do to me, just to be stupid.

    wow, so odd, though.

  2. The way this guy speaks cracks me up. It’s like he’s reading some sort of freeform poetry really badly.

    is it possible
    to mate
    a DOG
    and a RACEHORSE
    i mean

  3. His name is Tom Philion and he seems to be responsible for this blog, as well as a regular series of YA-related videos.

    His video review of The King of Attolia was perfectly straight (even boringly so), so I have NO IDEA what drugs he was on with this one. Maybe it was a self-parody meant for his friends to laugh at? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

  4. It always bugs me when they SEEM to be looking into the camera but are really reading off cue cards.

  5. Huh?

    Bush was a race horse…that turned into a dog hummmmm…I think of him more as a race horse that turned into a jackass…..HA! Sorry I just couldn’t resist. I understand if you can’t post this one. 🙂

  6. Oh. Wow. Is it possible for that guy to mate with a racehorse? I mean, for that guy to become a racehorse? XD He seemed way too serious and dull throughout the whole video. How could he keep a straight face while spewing nonsense?

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