Redecorating the Forest

So here I am in sick bay, doing my best imitation of Nurse Ratched, and my Child With Stitches sort of needs me, but not in a hard core way, so we spent the morning redesigning my LJ and my MySpace.

Any comments?

And Child With Stitches thinks I should have a FaceBook page, too. What do you think?

Stef is here and shared some Deutsche silliness with us. (Watch if you dare, the song sticks in your head.)

22 Replies to “Redecorating the Forest”

  1. *jaw drops*

    You made your MySpace page look… good. I mean, really good. I didn’t think that was possible on MySpace, or at least not to that degree. How…?

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of authors are getting Facebook, now that’s it’s not just a college/high school network anymore. A lot of people keep theirs private b/c they put more personal stuff on it, so it’ll be different from MySpace. I keep my Facebook only for people I’ve met (although I mostly do that for MySpace too, so whatev), or in some way have significantly communicated with. It all depends on how you want to use it, I s’pose.
    Your blog looks great!! 😀

  3. Love the redesigns. They’re great, especially the myspace, I’ve never seen one that nice.

    I recommend facebook, you can alter your privacy settings so that only certain people/ networks can see your contact info or other things you want to keep somewhat private. There’s all kinds of different privacy settings now.

  4. LOVE the redesigns, especially your LJ – awesome header graphic with the fountain pen.

    Did you know that Chris Crutcher is going to be the keynote speaker at OCPL’s Banned Books Read-a-Thon this fall?

    And finally … I was just going to ask you the other day if you’re a Libra!!! When is your birthday? I’m October 7th, and I’ve always found myself drawn to other Librans. We’re a unique (and quite distinctive!) bunch.

  5. Ach! Can someone translate? All I can get is Ich bin Schnappi, das kleine krokodile – I am Schnappi, the small crocodile. This is so CUTE!

  6. I do love the new decor; nice work! And I would fully support the FaceBook idea. It’s probably my favorite. . .whatever those things are called. Social network websites? Sounds good. I really enjoy it, but it’s much better for networking and connecting with people than it is for blogging and such. So, it just depends what you’re going for with it.


  7. On the mend

    Glad to hear that your Child With Stitches is on the mend. Love the new design.

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