TWISTED teacher contest

Uncle Viking-Penguin (my publisher) has 30 TWISTED advanced reading copies to give away. Are you a teacher who is interested in having them as a classroom set?

All you have to do is answer two questions. Email your answers, your name, and the address of your school to comments AT writerlady DOT com.

Slightly edited deadline details: You have until midnight, EST, on August 31st to get your entry in. I will put the winning emails in a hat and draw one. We’ll take pictures of the drawing and announce the winner as soon as the drawing is complete.

So…. the questions:

1. What is the significance of the name of the game Tyler plays on his computer?

2. Which classic American play, often taught in high schools, helped inspire TWISTED?

If that last question is too hard, I’ll post a clue later. But you are teachers. You can handle the pressure.

Good luck!

16 Replies to “TWISTED teacher contest”

  1. I sent this to my fave teachers! Out of curiousity, are you planning to pick the first teacher who writes you back, or draw from a group of correct entries?

  2. Crap. I just realized that folks on the West Coast are at a disadvantage because of the time zone thingie.

    Any opinions on what is the most fair approach?

  3. Some websites announce ahead that on a specific day they will post a contest. They will freeze all comments. At a random time they will open comments back up and the first person to reply with the correct answer wins. So everyone knows a day or two ahead that you will open comments on this specific day.

    You could always do it email-wise, too. Say “watch for my blog to update. I will update telling you to now send your emails.”

    It kind of sucks having to wait around all day for these things, though, so maybe you could say it will be between two specific times?

  4. (Sorry I keep commenting.)

    Keep in mind that was just a suggestion. I personally think the hat drawing is a lot simpler and more fair.

  5. Do Not Write Contest Entry as a Comment!

    That’s why I am having people write their responses into an email, NOT posting them on the LJ

  6. I was really looking forward to winning a twisted teacher. Then I read the post and saw I’d made an incorrect assumption. Drat. Some of my favorite teachers were twisted. It would be cool to have one for keeps.

  7. Contest and My First Journal Post

    As a former special education teacher, I like the idea of giving a deadline and then pulling from the correct ones. Everyone is getting ready for back to school but I’m sure they don’t want to miss this opportunity….someone may be slow in passing it on. Great idea by the way.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have used you shamelessly (just kidding) for my very first ever live journal post entitled “Laurie Halse Anderson…I would like to introduce you to my Dad”…hope you don’t mind. I met you at the Eastern NY SCBWI conference in Poughkeepsie and you had a wonderful influence on me and it really gave me the courage to write openly in a public posting. For weeks I have been struggling with how to get out there. I was like a person trying to sit in the corner of a round room. I just couldn’t find the words that felt correct. So while I walked in circles I kept returning to your posts and your inadvertent mentor ship. Speaking about you allowed me a direction. It helped me with my fear that I would post something meaningful and no one would know. You inspire trust. I felt the gossamer threads of connection and grabbed them like a safety line.

    So I just wanted to say thank you, because you lead a life that creates ripples and I aspire to that. I want my voice, words and actions to move out through the world and cause a beautiful effect. My world is a better place for having met you and I thought you and anyone else who stumbles upon my words should know that.

    Kimberly Sabatini

  8. So, in other words, I should have put Twisted right at the front of my reading list, instead of putting it to the end, like everything else? Though, I suppose, I do have a couple weeks. Plenty of time to read the book and answer these questions (I hope). I know I’m always up for having sets of books written by good YA authors. Thank you just for doing this! I think it’s a great idea!


  9. No Fair

    So, what about the teachers who have been out of the classroom for 2.5 years rearing their little ones?
    Can I just have one?

    Marcie Pickelsimer -former Middle School teacher who has 10 boxes of YA books in the attic.

  10. You owe me a large iced coffee – I stayed up till 1am finishing Twisted. Couldn’t put it down. What a fantastic voice!

    I’m going to pull a Nancy Werlin and stay up till midnight so I can register for your Kindling Words workshop at 12.01 am. :>)

  11. I’m not a teacher, so I’m not entering the contest… but I’m fairly sure I know the answer to number two. YAY ENGLISH MAJORS! =)

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