Back to the well of optimism

I really appreciated hearing from all of you about the absurd farce that is the health care/insurance system in America. To summarize the solution: Register. Learn about the candidates. Vote for change. Hold the elected officials accountable.

(Why do I think I will be ranting about this again?)

Yesterday I got up close and personal with the health care system as I spent all day and part of the night with my mom as she went through various and sundry procedures in an attempt to make blood flow through her body. It was a hard day for her and she rocked it. She kept her sense of humor and when they finally let her eat, she ate enough for three linebackers. Best of all, she did not die. Good work, Mom! She was treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse. I was very impressed with every single person there; from the guy who pushed her stretcher to all of the nurses on 5-2. Thank you all very much!

Today was mostly spent recovering from yesterday. Tomorrow: back to work.

Other good news: I bought new running shoes today!!! Woot!!!! In related news, there might be hope for me after all. And even more good news, we’re having sushi for dinner. Must go make fire-breathing wasabi.

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  1. It might be a little dorky, but in 2003 the gubernatorial election was held just a few days after my 18th birthday. I registered well in advance and considered getting to vote for the first time the best birthday present I got that year 😀 (And sooooo much more fulfilling than buying my first lotto ticket! Also: my candidate won. I like to think I played a part in that)

    And it’s great that your mom had a good hospital staff. I’ve heard so many horror stories about hospitals that it’s good to hear some positive stories come out (including a well mother!)

  2. Feisty Lady what??????

    Your Mother has been one feisty lady throughout the 24 years I’ve know her, she’s simply a force to be “rekoned” with. Now, how you and your sister came out to be such low-keyed, mild-mannered ladies…much have come from your Father’s side of the family…lol! Now BH???….well….that’s a whole OTHER comment section….lol!

  3. Re: grandma

    Yesterday morning she was kind of punky, but she was doing great by dinnertime!

    So I should stay away from iTunes visualizer, eh?

  4. It’s true what they say in elementary school… New sneakers really do make you run faster.

    Hope you enjoyed your sushi, and I’m glad your mom is okay. It’s so hard watching your parents get older.

  5. Back to optimism

    Recuperating mom, new running shoes & sushi. Life sounds good to me!

    I am so glad to hear that your mom made it through her trying day. My prayers are with her as she recovers. I have a friend that is a recovery room nurse at St Joe’s. She will be thrilled to hear that you and your mother had a positive experience.

    If you are interested there was an informative segment on Good Morning America about our lovely health care system. It is titled “Navigating the Medicare Maze”. I think it is worth the read go to

    I took a peak at the running shoes, very nice! Whenever I buy new sneakers I get that feeling that I am heading back to school. I wonder why that is?

    I hope that the sushi was yummy!

  6. Don’t forget to write/call/email your elected officials as well.

    A couple days ago the girl at the check out mentioned that she didn’t care about politics. She got a mini well-you-should lecture. She’s lucky she didn’t end up getting one of my full blown 15 minute political rants. It isn’t even an election year. By next November half the people I know will be like “Kate, we’ll vote for the anti-christ, if it will make you shut up.” Cheney isn’t considering running is he?

  7. I am thrilled that your Mom is doing better, and thrilled also it was at St. Joseph’s. The good rec means a lot, since I have foot surgery there on the 15th!

  8. I was blown away with the quality of care she received. Best of luck with the operation. It is no fun when they attack the foot.

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