Quick update & my ALA schedule

Storm clouds are rolling across the county, so our power should go out in a minute. Here’s my update:

1. My revision is proceeding well, despite last week’s chickenbutt moment. I won’t get the manuscript turned in by ALA, which I had hoped, but it should be there by the end of the month.

2. Father’s Day was great because I spent it with my Beloved Husband, my dad, my father-in-law, and I talked to my former husband (aka father of two of my kids). Got all the Dad-bases covered! The middle of June is the perfect time for Father’s Day. Kudos to whomever thought that one up.

3. I am running and working out again. Stress level is plummeting!

4. I leave for ALA on Friday. Here is my schedule. (Will any of you be there?)

Friday, June 22
8-10 pm Booklist Forum: “The 2000 Printz: A Reunion” at the Renaissance Washington Hotel. I am SO looking forward to this!!!!!!

10pm YALSA’s 50th Anniversary Reception, also at the Renaissance Washington Hotel. I will be the one asleep in the onion dip. I am an annoying perky morning person. I vote that the next time YALSA has a party, we make it a 5am pancake and French toast gig.

Saturday, June 23
10-11am Signing at the Penguin booth, #2710-2711

Spend an hour or two trying to get out of the convention center. (I remember the Washington Convention Center from BEA last year. It is a mammoth, ginormous building that self-replicates, adding on halls and floors every time you near an exit.)

1:30-3:30pm FOLUSA program “Teens Read!” This is where I get to meet Sherman Alexie!

4-4:40 Signing at the Simon & Schuster booth. #2111

6pm Penguin Young Readers Cocktail Party, Fairmont Hotel (I will probably not fall asleep in the onion dip. This is a good time for me, late evening.)

After the party, I’m going to have dinner with some awesome librarians. And coffee.

Sunday, June 24
8-10am YALSA Author Breakfast at the Renaissance Washington. Yes! A breakfast event!

11:30-1pm Penguin Teen Luncheon with John Green and the BBYA teen readers. Not sure if John and I will have time to hang out before or after this event. Must write to him.

Fly home and put suitcase in the basement for 12 weeks.

Rest of the Summer
1. Finish revision.
2. Eat strawberries.
3. Start a new book.

13 Replies to “Quick update & my ALA schedule”

  1. ALA booksigning

    Dear Laurie,
    Hi! I will also be signing books at ALA on Saturday!
    I’ll be at the Wizards of the Coast booth, from 1 to 2,
    signing “A Practical Guide to Dragons.” (A NYT best-seller!)
    I’ll try to stop by one of your signings during the day as well.
    (But I’m taking the train up and back from Joisy in one day,
    so it depends on the train schedule.)
    Have fun at ALA! It would be awesome if our paths could cross!
    Lisa Trumbauer

  2. I’m going to be at the FOLUSA, possibly the YALSA reception (I’m a morning person, too), and hopefully the Penguin Young Readers cocktail party. Yay for ALA!

  3. I will be at ALA but since by profession I am a Business Librarian I am not attending any of the YA events you will be attending. Thanks for the heads up about the signings though…I hope I can get to one of those!

  4. I wish I was going. But my friend Gabrielle is going, and I’m so excited that she’s getting to meet you. ‘Cause, ya know, you’re awesome, and everyone should meet you. 😀
    Mmm, strawberries. Yay new book!!

  5. hi! hope the ALA weekend went well:-)! when i’m a published author i will definitely be there;-). i hope you had fun with all your author and librarian friends! good luck with the revision too and hope the strawberries are tasty and your new book is very good:-). miss you! =) ♥

  6. p.s. i’m going to be in NYC on 8/11/07 through 8/12/07 if you might be going there and want to meet up. i understand that you’re busy though, so if you have too much to do that’s fine. i’m going there because i usually go there for my birthday, but my sister’s going to be away the week of my birthday, so we could only go the weekend of 8/11, but i’m planning to see a play called deuces with angela lansbury in it and we’re going to do a lot of shopping. well just wanted to let you know that, but if you can’t meet up then that’s okay; i understand. and at least we saw each other in may which i was happy for:-). =) ♥

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