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  1. This just caught my eye because I have a mug with that word all over it! In college I spent a week or so in Finland with my college band, playing the trumpet, and we played a piece called “Sisu!” Fun times.

  2. thanks!

    One of my nicknames is Cisou, which sounds like Sisu, so I’m going to say that my spelling is an alternative spelling because:

    a) I could use some right now.


    b) I’m in the middle of revising.

  3. i was wondering

    what is the dictionary definition? also is your named pronounced ha-all-suh? i feel bad not know ing how to pronounce it. what is your favorite book you’ve writen? btw i think you seem likea really cool person to hang out with and i would like to know if you have an email so i could email you!

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