Book Tour Day 4 Report – Part 2 – Hot Miami Bookstore



….. we interrupt this LJ post to point out that the author is pretty much speechless at this point because she is so completely blown away by the Books & Books event tonight. Please bear with her….

Freaking – ohmigah – wow.

The world of bookselling changed tonight. Books and Books raised the bar for YA events and proved that if you speak to the condition of teens, they hear you and respond. By combining music and books and an author in a friendly, fun atmosphere, the Event of the Century was pulled off. More than 400 people came. FOUR HUNDRED. Most of them were teenagers. To a bookstore. On a Friday night.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic This was the first of FIVE bands that completely rocked the house.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic These are The Corrupters. (See the guy in the Nirvana shirt? He signed his guitar pick for me.)

The other bands were Raffa & Ranier, The Skamatics, Three Beef Burrito, and a couple whose name I can’t find in my notes. And DJ Brian Brooks spun music (from the TWISTED playlist, thank you very much) in between sets.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Did I mention the 400 people? They came to dance, to chat, to eat free pizza, to win raffle prizes, to hang out with me, and to be a part of a rocking night.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The music was very good and very loud. Many parents sought refuge in the cafe.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic This is Mitchell Kaplan, who owns the store.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic About 125 people squeezed in to hear my talk, which took place while the bands were trading places.

Approximately one billion books were sold. Maybe not quite that many. But close. And a couple hundred teens saw a bookstore as a great place, and a whole bunch of families affirmed reading as a priority. Countless teachers heard me thank them for using contemporary YA novels in the classroom. I don’t know how much pizza was scarfed. I did not dare brave the starving hoards. Wow.

Thank you Emily, Cliff, and Mitch for simple everything, and thank you Miami for a day I will never forget.

Tomorrow’s events:
Wake up too early. Go to airport. Get on plane. The right plane. Fly to Ohio. Meet the author schlepper du jour.

Signing at Blue Marble Bookstore
1356 S. Ft. Thomas Avenue
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers
2692 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

5:30 PM
Stock Signing at Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore
3054 Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45209

LATE BULLETIN!!!! It’s going to be Georgetown against UNC on Sunday for the East Championship!!

22 Replies to “Book Tour Day 4 Report – Part 2 – Hot Miami Bookstore”

  1. Wow is right! How can anyone not say WOW when looking at those pics and reading all about that amazing event? Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. congratulations. you come close to, if not beat, the Harry Potter crowds at BN around here 🙂

    and also just throwing this out there…UNC has got it in the bag 😀


  3. It doesn’t look like you have much time, but if you get the chance try to eat at First Watch by Joseph-Beth Booksellers. It is fantabulous!

  4. That sounds just awesome!

    So, should I have someone texting me updates to the Georgetown/UNC game tomorrow night when I meet you?

    And can I just say GO BUCKS!

  5. WOW! That’s amazing. Wish that every bookstore in America would try an event like this one!

    Have a safe, fun, productive, and FAB book tour!

    Linda Oatman High

  6. Could you? That would be awesome! That’s how I found out Georgetown won – Frankie had internet on his phone and showed me the score.

    Thank you!

  7. I read TWISTED—-

    Its surprisingly funny throughout the book-(“-offer to wash the car with your tongue.” page 45 FUNNY stuff!)
    Its very gripping the further along the reader goes-
    Its very much like a James Patterson book with short chapters–like reading potato chips.
    (I love potato chips!)
    Great, great book!! I enjoyed it very much!
    Enjoy the tour!

    One tiny little anal-ish note—let the publisher know the “t” is missing from the word FORGE(T) halfway down on page 135 (for the paperback version)

  8. Thanks for catching the typo. If you have a “paperback” version then you have an Advanced Reading Copy. I’ll check to see if we fixed it for the hardcover.

  9. Oh no- I bought the Twisted HARDCOVER!

    I do get ARC’s on occassion but I try to support authors (like yourself) I really like and buy the hardcovers!

  10. NOT a typo

    That passage is NOT a typo. Mr. Salvatore is telling Ty not to “forge” his parents’ signatures, which is the correct word.

    I did, however, find an honest-to-god typo on page 5, where Ty says, “Meet my father: Corporate Tool. He’d always been a hardass, but since his promotiwon, he’d dialed it up.”

    (No, I didn’t miss that one. In draft 9 that I edited last Memorial Day, it was spelled correctly. I still have it on my laptop.)

    There’s also a missing space near the bottom of page 8, between P.M. and the next quote mark (probably introduced by the typesetter when they converted p.m. to smallcaps), but now I’M really getting anal…


  11. Books and Books event

    You told me about the event today during one of your signings. The pictures are way cool! This does take book tours to a new level. When you organize your next book tour may I roadie? Will work for reading material. I Love Twisted! You are the “VOG” (Voice of a Generation). Keep it up.

    JD Road Warrior

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