Book Tour Day 2 Report – Mid-South

“Mid-South” was my new word of the day yesterday. It refers to this geographical region, where Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi all come together. I know this is totally juvenile, but I still get excited when I cross from one state to another. I did it a lot yesterday because I had events in all three states. (Childhood flashback – flying on a plane to my grandmother’s in Florida and staring out the window in search of the dotted lines that I was sure were on the ground that showed the state boundaries. When my father explained that they only existed on maps, I was crushed.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Blytheville High, Home of the Chickasaws. It wasn’t too horribly early, and the wise librarian had doughnuts on hand, so everyone stayed awake and we had a blast. I talked to three groups of students and all sorts of teachers. I also talked on the phone to the daughter of a teacher who is a big fan of my books. She was on her way home from college on spring break. (Hi, Robyn!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic My time at Blytheville made me realize how much I miss visiting schools. I am on a hiatus from “official” school visits (not related to booktours) because I am under contract to write a LOT for the next couple of years. Thank you to Cynthia McCustian who coordinated the visit, and all the students who made the morning so much fun.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Thanks also to the kids from Gosnell High who made it to my event at That Bookstore in Blytheville, along with various and sundry librarians and teachers, so succesful. And while I am thanking, a giant thank-you to Marvel Dickerson who drove me around, put much of the morning together and scored me a terrific salad to eat as we drove to the next signing.

The afternoon was a blur of stock signings – four of them, I think. The stores all had those cardboard standy-uppy things for TWISTED. That was cool. And then I ate dinner. I think I scared my waiter. I was reading my book, waiting for for him to come and take my order. Before he had finished taking his pen out, I said (with perhaps a little too much emphasis) “I need some bread as soon as you can get it to me or I might start eating this table.” My food arrived with haste.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic When my blood sugar approached normal (it really was a yummy dinner) I realized that my salt and pepper shakers were gorgeous.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic One more event before bedtime. I was the first author to ever speak at the brand-spanking new Books-A-Million branch in Southaven, Mississippi. Many, many thanks to the people who came out. Oh, and Ms. Holifield? I really think you should give extra credit to those students who went to the effort to come out to the signing. They were sweet and fun and deserve some love for going above and beyond the call.

In a little while, I am off to Oxford, MS and I can’t wait. I’ll be speaking at the Oxford Conference for the Book and signing at Square Books Jr. from 3:30-5:30 with Karen Hesse. And if I am really, really, lucky, I am going to see William Faulkner’s house. Squeeeeeeee!

(Thank you very much for the kind words, professornana)

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  1. love the pepper and salt shakers

    You can buy them at Bering Home Center. I know because I asked about them when I saw them at one of my favorite local restaurants.

    BTW, it is easy to say kind words about this book. My 14 and 16 year olds are now vying for possession of the audio.

  2. Blytheville visit


    Thanks so much for coming to That Bookstore in Blytheville. My students from Gosnell Sr. High “loved everything you said”. I particularly liked your comment about a writer never publishes a first draft, revise, revise, revise. We have so little time in a school day to really develop a good piece of writing. They never seem to have enough time to revise – just turn in their first try for a grade. No wonder they get discouraged about writing the simplest assignment. Hope the rest of your tour is a success. Look forward to reading your new book. Thanks, again. Susie Walls, GHS Librarian.

  3. Twisted

    Twisted definitely met up to the Whispering Pines hype. Liz kindly sent me a copy and I did the stayed-up-till-2am thing shortly thereafter. Which is my version of high praise. All the best to you!

    ~ Lisa, the other real live editor 🙂

  4. I have those salt and pepper shakers.

    I saw them in a movie a few years ago, when I was much younger, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I told my friends “my salt and pepper shakers are famous”

  5. twisted =) =) =)

    speaking with karen hesse and seeing william faulkner’s house in one day? ashley=jealous of you lol. but anyway the reason i was commenting was because i got, read, and finished twisted today (this afternoon in fact-my dad bought it for me on the way home from work). he tried to hide it from me, but i recognized the cover (since how many covers have twisted pencils on them lol) and flipped out. anyway your book was great like always. it was different to read it from a guy’s point of view though. your writing makes me crack up though. you have a wicked sense of humor lol. the character of the dad kind of scared me though when he flew off the handle at some of the smallest things, but i liked when tyler finally stood up to him in the end. and i liked hannah’s character. she reminded me of my sister actually. and i thought the character of yoda was funny, even though i have never seen star wars in my life. i give this book five out of five stars. thanks for doing what you do best! (and i’m so excited to see you on may 11th!) =) ♥

  6. Thank you

    Thank you fot coming to That Bookstore.We,the kids of Gosnell high, enjoyed your visit. And I, the geeky kid in the senior hoodie and glasses, have finished your book Twistwed. It took me four hours,and it was great.

  7. Thank you

    Thank you fot coming to That Bookstore.We,the kids of Gosnell high, enjoyed your visit. And I, the geeky kid in the senior hoodie and glasses, have finished your book Twisted. It took me four hours,and it was great.

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