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I spent yesterday afternoon and half of the night recording the TWISTED podcast and then trying to figure out how to post it. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions and explanations. I recorded it using GarageBand. That part was fun. Figuring out the next step was near impossible.

For right now, you can find the podcast here. Some people have been able to open it and listen with no problems. Other people only get an an error message. Let me know if it doesn’t work. If it does work, let me know what you think.

Do me a favor – if you are going to comment on the podcast (or your inability to listen to it) let me know what kind of computer you have.

In the next couple of days, we’ll figure out how to post the podcast on the Writerlady and the Penguin websites. Then everyone will be able to hear it and peace will reign again in the Forest.

Today I have to go to the library and the drug store and the bank and Staples and Mom’s and the gym. I have to pack, fret about what I forgot, unpack to double and triple check, repack, and stare at the suitcase.

Have I mentioned how excited I am?

edited to add My webgod, theoblack, just figured out the problem. It has to do with the format in which I saved the podcast not being compatible with everyone’s sound cards. Or something like that. He is fixing it. I’ll let you know when he’s finished.

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  1. I’ll check out the podcast as soon as I have a chance (and can close my door here at work). I’m excited for you!!

    By the way, did you happen to catch the Jonathan Safran Foer lecture last week?

  2. Oh, I’m sorry! Your poor mom – it’s good to see that she’s feeling better. No more hospital trips for her!!

    JSF was funny, insightful, brilliant, thought-provoking – all of those good things. He focused on the idea of humor, Jewish humor in particular, and the role of humor in the Jewish culture and in life. I had the opportunity to meet him after the lecture, and he signed my copy of Everything is Illuminated. I’m not sure which of us was more excited when he discovered it is a first edition!

    They also showed the video retrospective of the lecture series again … which includes that wonderful quote by one Laurie Halse Anderson, describing your feeling upon seeing the old Carnegie library in downtown Syracuse for the first time. It makes me grin every time.

  3. Sounded great to me! (The format you had it in originally is .m4a, which works with a program like QuickTime or iTunes.)

    little quirk

  4. Podcast

    Oh my god Laurie! What a powerful podcast!!! The last section you chose to read especially got to me. During the absolute lowest hour of my life, I imagined where on the highway to drive my car off, which trees I should aim for, how fast I should accelerate for maximum death certainty. Since I haven’t read Twisted YET, I don’t know about this new character. I only hope he had friends who saved him from that lull in life maintenance, as mine did. Thanks for the skills you’ve shared once again. P.S. I don’t know how you rewrote the scene, but my empathy is oozing toward you! P.P.S. Obviously, my imac and I had no problem loading and hearing the podcast. Kristine

  5. “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. One or more codecs required to play the file could not be found.”
    Dell Optiplex G240 with MS Windows XP Pro Version 2002 w/Service Pack 2

  6. Eep, I’m so excited, you’re almost here!

    also I will totally link to the podcast once it is fixed. I wish we could podcast the author events… hmm…

  7. YAY!! Only eleven days till you’re in Austin!! Need to call the bookstore and make sure they’ll let me in though…. if they say no, I’ll just lurk around the YA section all afternoon and hope that you show up there. 😀

    Can’t listen to the podcast now, as I’m at work. Will let you know laters. With my computer luck lately, I probably wouldn’t be able to open it. Computers are so temperamental. 😛 🙂

  8. Podcast worked on quicktime on my pc, running windows xp — it stopped halfway through though, and wouldn’t start again. That could be my wireless connection though. Great job on the first half anyway!! I’ll try again to hear the rest later.

  9. Good job! That was very enjoyable. Thanks for talking about writing a guy from your (female) perspective – that’s what I’m trying to do at the moment and it is really hard. I’m very excited about getting “Twisted” and wish I didn’t have five other books I have to read before I can get to it! Maybe I’ll sneak in bits between the other books…

    (Obviously podcast worked for me – I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with Windows XP and I use Internet Explorer-not the new one- and Quicktime. It gave me an error message twice but then played through just fine, and I’m glad it did!)

  10. YAY! Quicktime works. Thank you for that.
    Laurie – Awesome podcast. Listened with half an ear because I’m at work, but I like your delivery and your excerpts. Will try again at home where I can pay more attention. Can hardly wait to read the book.

  11. I’m not the exactly the target audience for your book, being a 37 year old woman and all, but I loved your podcast and I’m really looking forward to reading Twisted!

  12. great podcast

    That podcast made me really, really want to read Twisted! I especially liked the last excerpt, powerful. I could already picture the character of Tyler in my head a little (after listening to all those songs you chose too). I couldn’t imagine losing eight hours of work, but you said it turned out better the second time anyway, so that’s a hard worked for bonus. I will be visiting a book store very soon to buy Twisted. Have fun on the tour! Maybe next time you can come to Toronto?

    p.s. this is a very, very, very late comment, but yes I did get the Speak DVD. Thanks again.

  13. Your podcast

    I was able to open the podcast with no problem. Amazon.com just sent me an e-mail saying that Twisted should be at my house tomorrow! Can’t wait to read it. I loved hearing you read from the book and also give insight into your process. I linked to your podcast on my own children’s lit blog:


  14. hey, that was great!
    you put actual music bits in your podcast!
    i haven’t figured out how to do that. but i’m almost done with my DIY empress audiobook. 🙂

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