It is not snowing.

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  1. what the fuck? you’re supposed to have so much snow that you are like buried 20430 feet underground and live in snow bunkers.

    (i’m in sf. hi)

  2. I did not say we did not have snow. We have the entire Arctic ice shelf in our back yard.

    But – at this moment – there is no additional snow falling from the sky.

    The weather forecast.


  3. Oh, cool!

    (I just checked. That’s the Friday before my week-from-hell of school visits. Yay).

    What time? I have a whole bunch of local author friends who will want to go for this (and if you’re not too tied up, we’d love to take you to dinner or whatever).

  4. It’s not snowing here, either! Yay! Good old Southern PA, where we get snow every year, yet still freak out about it.

    We got six inches, and school has been closed since tuesday. I repeat, we have a WEEK off of school. For SIX inches.

    Gotta love Lititz.

  5. We had a 8 hour freeze warning last night and you would’ve thought the world had turned to ice the way everyone was dressed. But, that’s good ol’ Tampa for ya.

    (Then again, we’re the city where people break out parkas if it’s below 72…)

    Maybe you should write a book about snow next?

  6. Gee whats that glow coming from the sky?
    OMG its not snowing in Cleveland, Ohio either!!!
    Of course, the bad news is….
    all that suff is gonna have to melt one of these days…..

  7. This is about your book speak.

    Your book really made me relize something…..don’t be afraid to tell people…I just read this book looking for something to do but when i started i could not put it down. I finished it the day after i got it then i relized i am almost exactly like malinda. I too had the same problem and shut down. I always thought of it and then told myself to forget about it and for awihle it was off my mind then my IT came back…. IT scared me like IT had malinda. Right after i read your book i relized i had to speak up before anything serious happened again. About 2 days after i had read your book i went to my best friend and told her then asked her to come with me to tell a counsler. I did and the next morning on my way to my counsler with my friend for a second time IT confronted me. He grabbed my arm and said he wanted to talked to me alone and pushed my friend out of the way and dragged me off and then i tohught of what malinda did. How all her words suddenly came to her and she knew she had to speak. I yelled and my counsler happen to be walking outside to her office and she heard me and saw that IT was about to hurt me. She came and broke it up and he was arrested. I don’t really know if i should have told you this but i do know i wanna say thankyou. If you had not written that book then i would have probably not told anyone and i would have been hurt again. Thankyou very very very much i can’t tell you how much.. Your book touched me and helped me and i thought you deserved a thankyou.

  8. It was snowing about an hour ago in Central Ohio. (IE Columbus).

    We have like 2 feet, nothing compared to you guys though.

    some steps you can walk on and not fall through others you fall through instantly.

  9. Re: This is about your book speak.

    Wow… I am speechless.

    I am so happy for you and proud of you that you found your voice. You are an incredibly strong person. I wish you all the joy and blessings and happiness you deserve.

    Yay for speaking up!!!!

    (And thanks for telling me that the book helped – I’ll be glowing all day!!!)

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