Australia teaches us how to laugh, and yes, more snow

Does anyone know how to ship a snowball to Australia so that it won’t melt before it arrives?

theapplicant has posted a hysterical Aussie version of my maple snow photos. Seriously, you must see this. We howled.

To give equal time to our friends Down Under, I present the weather in Sydney, Australia today. (For the record, I am a total weenie about heat. I hate, hate, hate it and would probably crack and break into a million pieces if I lived in a place that was hot and dusty for more than two days.)

Here in Mexico, NY, we now have eight feet of snow from this week’s storm. Day 7.

Swimming sectionals are finally going to start today, so we’re loading up the truck and preparing to head out for that. (Number One Son is competing in two events.) It will be snowing while we’re away, but not enough to prevent us from getting back up the driveway when we get home. The meet will be packed with people and very hot and humid, so I have to dress as if it were 80 degrees out. Then I have to cover all of those clothes with wool socks, boots, snow pants, sweaters, jackets, scarves, etc. We’ll drive across the tundra to the meet, go inside, and try not to melt before we strip off the winter gear. At least it will give us plenty of soft stuff to sit upon.

If you live around here and you are bored today, do me a favor. Take a shovel and find a fire hydrant. (Especially if you live in Oswego, and I am waving at all youse guys at SUNY when I say that.) Firefighters in the area are exhausted from trying to fight fires in houses that are surrounded by mountains of snow. Finding the hydrants under the snow wastes time and could mean the death of someone or the loss of a house. Grab your friends, grab a shovel, and dig out a hydrant. It will give you bragging rights. (Thanks, Biggest Q, for the tip.)

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  1. To anyone who reads these posts who may have an answer- I google-earthed Mexico, NY and when it got there it was all blurry except for a portion of the western part of the state and of course Manhatten Island where new York city is.

    I wonder why most of New York state has been blurred out?

    There was news about it where Governments requested that secure areas be blurred out and Google Earth complied WITH those requests….but most of New York state? Its moslty just trees and bushes isnt it?

    Maine as well is pretty blurry. (Tried to find Stephen Kings house one time and the whole state is just as blurry as New York)

    Anyway if you want to see some interesting stuff download google earth and spend an afternoon ‘seeing’ the world!

    Laurie- good luck to your son!

  2. Fear not! You’re not the only heat weenie. I spend heatwaves camping out in front of the fan, but the trouble with fans is that they’re useless. All they do is make hot air move.

    To survive heat, you need an air-conditioner running 24/7, and the ability to function and live a normal lifestyle without ever having to go outside.

    I crack, too. I turn into a very cranky creature who people know to leave well enough alone when it’s that hot (above body temperature is when it becomes seriously uncomfortable).

    Unwriter, sometimes if area on Google Earth is blurry, it simply means that they don’t have an image of that location that can bring you that close. Though I am surprised that a large chunk of NY state is blurry. That is weird.

    Some links:

  3. Fire Hydrant suggestion…..

    Hmmmmm, now, was it BH or “Little Q” that gave me the nickname “biggest” Q….lol Unfortunately I match both “the oldest” and “the biggest”….lol!

  4. Remember me from Arizona?

    I met you in Tempe when you spoke at the AZ Tchrs. meeting and had dinner with you. I was at Loyola University Chicago then and have moved to Little Rock and the university there.
    I am so glad I’m gone from Chicago with the freeze they are in, but it looks like you are digging out. I did see all of this on the Today show.
    I am teaching an online adol lit class now, and my students are required to post on your site and send me what they told you.
    I hope you enjoy their comments, and they are watching the movie, too.
    Good luck with the swim stuff and if I were near, I’d dig out a hydrant for you. It is 44 here today, and the Arkansans are cold!
    Great to touch base with you!
    Judy Hayn

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