It keeps snowing

Lake effect storm, Day 4.

I can’t tell you how much snow we have now because I can’t see anything out the window. As of yesterday, we had acquired 64 inches of snow in this storm. Right now it is falling at the rate of three inches an hour. The weather folks are saying that this “snow event” could last a couple more days. And no, our driveway is not clear yet. We’re officially snowbound.

This is a lot of snow, even for us. We are approaching the records set in the infamous Blizzard of 1966. If it does, I’ll tell you my favorite story about that storm.

Today’s goal, if the snow stops, is to get down to the mailbox and dig it out. I ‘ll post photos later if I make it back. I don’t know if they’ve been delivering mail this week, but it has to start sometime. Rumor has it that the Today Show was supposed to be in town this morning, but I don’t know if they made it in. Did anyone see them?

Schools around here are still closed. Today the government has asked everyone to stay off the roads (not a problem for us!). Only heroic people – cops, firefighters, nurses, docs, plowtruck drivers, and the amazing people who work in nursing homes – have to go to work. I feel really bad for the area swim teams. Sectionals were supposed to hold the preliminary heats today and finals on Saturday. The officials decided to push prelims until tomorrow, but I am pretty sure a lot of the swimmers up here have not gotten into a pool all week. Fingers crossed for them.

My taxes are almost done. My noon today I should have everything near wrapped up – I’m just waiting on a couple of extra pieces of paper to come in the mail. Last night I started digging out from the snowbank of email that is crushing my inbox. And today I have to make a ton of plane reservations. This is the “business side” of writing. I would much, much rather be making up a new story, trust me.

Valentine’s Day approaches…. use this for a writing prompt. Bonus points is you can write something that is romantic without being mushy.

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