At long last, winter blows in

As I type this, the sun is crawling up in the east, turning the 10 inches of snow we got yesterday the color of platinum. It is -3 degrees outside. The air is perfectly still; the birds are huddled in their nests and the squirrels have taken the day off. Not me. I have the coffee pot going and breakfast is minutes away.

It is such a relief to finally have some winter weather. I need seasons.

Spent yesterday with an awesome history professor who wrote a very important academic book that relates to my WIP. She graciously shared some of her research with me and let me talk through another plot knot. It was a terrific day and went by way too fast. I think I have figured out how to cut out a chapter and will work on that today. Given that the outside temperature won’t reach much beyond 19 degrees, I am going to abandon my office and write downstairs in front of the fireplace.

Thank you EVERYONE for delurking and semi-delurking and just saying “hi” yesterday. I will finish responding to comments today.

Looking for a procrastination device? Speak pops up on YouTube.

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  1. I’m not sure where you live but we are having about the same weather where I live (Auburn, NY) and then I go to school in Liverpool so I don’t particularly enjoy the driving conditions and cold. But, if I don’t have to go anywhere it is nice to curl up with some hot cocoa =]

  2. I live outside Mexico (NY). This is a day when everyone should stay inside and drink hot cocoa!

  3. Guess what?! We have snow too!! Or had. In Austin, TX!!!! It was honest-to-god snowing yesterday!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen snow twice in my life, and never in this state. Yet we had a small snowstorm yesterday! Everyone was coming out of their houses yelling, “It’s SNOWING!!” and we built teeny tiny snowmen. And they closed school for two days, which meant a five-day weekend. My car is covered in a thick coat of ice. Everything here is closed, and apparently all the people up north are making fun because we shut down for about .02 inches of snow. But then, we don’t have snow chains…. Hehe, anyway, thought I’d share my snow experience. 😀

  4. That sounds marvelous. Wish we were having some snow, tho’ here in Philly winter is at least finally acting like it.

    Just looked up Mexico, NY. It’s very near where my Candee ancestors lived, in and around Fulton & Phoenix, so I’ve been to your neck of the woods many times for reunions.

  5. I like the way snow muffles noise and I like watching it fall and I like the way it sparkles, but I’d like it quite a bit more if it weren’t so cold. I don’t have a car, so I have to walk to campus and I have raynaud’s and am too thin, so that isn’t much fun for me. Plus it takes so much longer to get anywhere cause I have to bundle up first (and then I freeze anyway).

  6. Speaking of Speak

    Speak is on Lifetime Sunday at 12 Eastern if anybody wanted to see like I do.

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