Hug a hobbit day

Hug a hobbit, shave your toes, waltz with a wizard (of the Gandalf flavor, unless you like living dangerously) all in celebration of the birth of one of my all-time favoritist authors: Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973). Get into the spirit of the day by toasting the old dear. (One of the best literary moments of my life was when we visited the Botanic Garden in Oxford, England and I got to hug his tree, the one that inspired his Ents. Here’s another shot. Ah, bliss.)

I took my pick-axe to the plot knot yesterday and am happy to report that the sucker is gone. BH and I went to the gym late in the day and I took out my frustrations on the treadmill. Felt much better after that. Smelled better after a long, hot shower. BH cooked shrimp with spinach and garlic and a massive side dish of broccoli. Read more poetry before bed, so it wound up being an excellent day.

Woke up this morning at 1am convinced that it was 6 and I could get back to work. The moon was high and fat and it bewitched me to a secret place where I lay the rest of the night, thinking of my main character and worrying about her.

By bedtime tonight I hope to have straightened out all the little knots and inconsistencies in Part I of the WIP. That means the rest of the month (after I return from this weekend’s retreat) I can focus on Part II.

I am still waiting for snow. I live in the Buckle of The Snow Belt and it is supposed to get up to 55 degrees today. I am not amused.

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  1. I used to live in PA– not too far north from where you are– and now that I’m in Houston this is my first year without snow. I’m liking it. :o)
    Congrats on obliterating those nasty plot knots. Looking forward to reading your next book!

  2. Actually, I’ve moved back to where I lived as a little girl, north of Syracuse NY, a stone’s throw from Lake Ontario. At this rate, I feel like I have to move to the Arctic Circle to get a decent winter…. and the ice is melting there, too.

    I am sure Houston is a nice place but cannot imagine a winter without snow!

  3. i couldn’t agree more about the snow.
    it seems very unnatural to me when i can go get coffee for the store in just a sweater two days shy of the new year.

  4. I live in CNY and it feel differnt not having snow. I’m so use to cozing down with a good book by the fire but lately its been warm and raining(which is the only downside to this warm weather!)

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