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So yesterday was hubbub day; wrapping gifts, grocery lists, work on Chapter 31, and general madness in anticipation of the arrival of some of our offspring. So I was sitting on the back porch talking on the phone to my sister-in-law about the plans for a Saturday night get-together involving egg nog….

when what to my wondering eyes to appear?…

but two long-horned, ornery steer.

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Yep. The two fellows in the photo wandered up the hill to the meadow behind the house. I am told by BH that I shrieked “Honey! Cows! Cows with horns! Big horns, honey! Big, pointy bad horns!” and then I told my sister-in-law I’d call her back.

(In defense of my semi-hysteria I’d like to say that when I worked on a dairy farm to earn money to go to college, I had a violently abusive relationship with the bull the farm kept to take care of his lady cows. I think the stupid bull saw me as a threat to his ability to get a date with the girls. There was one memorable afternoon when he chased me across a field towards an electric fence. I am still not sure how I got under the fence without being fried. So I don’t like bulls. And you can’t see it in the picture, but these guys had wicked nasty horns.)

We called the Sheriff’s department. We weren’t the only ones who had reported seeing the Happy Wanderers. While waiting for the police (although unsure what they were going to do about the situation) we contemplated the bulls. From inside the house. They chewed our grass. Suddenly, the boss bull picked up his head, said something to his buddy, and they trotted down our driveway and off into the sunset.

A deputy showed up ten minutes later. We still don’t know what happened to the bulls. Did they escape to Canada? Did they find the milk cows of their dreams? Are they perhaps Amish bulls, and this is their wild and crazy rumspringa? Inquiring minds want to know.

But that was the highlight of my day. What was yours?

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  1. I am terrified of cows with horns! When last visiting my parents in rural CA, one sort of chased us for awhile and I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes and imagined the goring.

  2. Probably not Amish bulls in your neck of the woods.

    Perhaps it’s the NY State version of a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. Only it’s not quite Midwinter, so I’m not sure if it works. Still, perhaps they are two drunken men who were turned into bulls so that some Faerie queen could fall for them.

  3. Actually, we do have a few Amish families recently moved to the area. But I LOVE your idea. Makes perfect sense to me. But they forgot that the Faerie queen up here is probably deer hunting right now.

  4. hey

    the highlight of my day is i get to go to a dance with my boyfriend whom i haven’t seen in about 3 weeks!!!



  5. Well, it is Hanukkah..Perhaps, the bulls were kosher and attempting to escape the grasps of a hungry celebration.

    – Lou

  6. Yesterday we got our Christmas tree (for some reason it’s normal shaped, which is quite unusual as far as our Christmas trees go) and then I decorated my mini fibre-optic tree for my bedroom. So I’m now feeling very Christmassy.

    I have a funny story, but it involves horses and was a few years ago, rather than cows. Well, there was a group of about 10 of us, for adults and six children and we were on a walk in Wales. Anyway we come across some horses in a field and they looked quite scary. So one of the adults goes: “Stick out your arms so you look bigger and they will be intimidated by you”. This bizarre command, and the sight of all my relatives walking forward looking like scarecrows, couldn’t help but make us laugh.

  7. Time Waster, or Take A Break From Writing and Return Refreshed

    The highlight of my day was discovering UnSuggester!

    Apparently if people liked Catalyst and Fever, they won’t like much science fiction.

  8. My highlight this week has been my new iPod.
    What a cool little invention.

    Its a nano 2nd generation that holds 500 songs.
    Most of the music came from my own collection…
    Elton John
    Billy Joel
    Spyro Gyra
    Lots of bubblegum classics from the 60’s and 70’s
    went to the library and got several CDs of bach and Mozart as well….
    so the official count is 395 songs in the iPod itself and then almost a thousand songs in the computer hard drive.

    I also went nuts and got a little stereo speaker ($49.95)for the iPod at home to listen to it. (those earplugs get irritating after a bit)

    Plus I can play everything as I choose right off the computer while i write so….yeah….it’s been a good week.

    Hope everyone here has a memorable Holiday. Be safe.

  9. I got to go to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with one of my best friends and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

    Careful with those cows, now. Then again, nearly all farm animals have secret vendettas against people. Geese, ducks, cows, chickens…erm…I mean…not that I have any experience or anything 😛

  10. Gee

    That would be a bit strange to see some wild cows with huge horns right in your backyard.

    The highlight of my day was finally understanding a concept in chemistry. Well, the end of the quarter is only two weeks away and I’ve had the class for about fourteen weeks now so it is about time.

  11. Highlight of the Day

    Well, I got to do the Christmas dinner thing with my mom’s side of the family that I only see once a year. My great uncle didn’t back me into a corner and grill me about School and My Future and Writing. My boy cousins (there’s like a 3 to 1 ratio of boys to girls in my family) weren’t antisocial for the first time since I’ve known them and we partook in some overdue bonding in the back room with Nintendo 64 and a CD by some dirty comedian. And I might get to see my boyfriend today or tomorrow. 🙂 The joys of Christmas break.

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  16. That is a great position to be in — literally and figuratively. Write on, and best wishes for your mom’s recovery.

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