Dear God.

But mostly feeling a cello note of ache; long and drawn-out, for the pain that led him to this decision, the pain of the people who loved him. The awful truth that if he could have held on, it would have gotten better.

What do you say to someone who cannot see tomorrow? To the person who wants to give up?

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  1. I love that they mostly just talked about security and not what drove him to do it. Tomorrow they’ll be blaming it on Marilyn Manson.

    What would I say? *sigh*

  2. This boy had so many issues none of us will every know about. Most people who commit suicide, including kids, do it privately, not in front of an audience. We will never know. My heart aches for this child, and for his family.

  3. Here’s a link to a more detailed story:

    I wish there were more opportunities for teens to really talk to someone in high school. More caring teachers who have the time to really look out for their students. I went to a school of over 3000 students and I barely even saw a counselour in the hallways, much less talked to one. We had about 3 suicides a year, and nothing ever changed.

  4. wow

    im in 6th grade i read your book ‘speak’ in 3erd and i abselutly loved it, usually i cannot read a book twice but ive read your book many times. Are you makeing another movie or are you going to keep your books books? People may think that this book is alittle too… graphic i guess but that book is the best book ive EVER read i might be comeing to see you at a signing. I look forward to it.
    wow you rock

  5. Some would argue that at the very least security measures could detect weapons before they enter the schools. If any positives could arise from this awful situation would be a slight resurgance in awareness towards mental health issues.

    I live within minutes on the said high school at home, even at college though the sadness hits me.

  6. From the article it seems like people are more concerned about him bringing a gun to school than killing himself. Does it matter that much where he killed himself?

    Slight is the key word there. Maybe I just woke up on the cynical sie of the bed this morning, but I can think of so many times when I or somebody I knew in highschool was allowed to slip through the cracks, over and over and over. Sometimes even the people who are paid to help don’t do a goddamn thing.

  7. how sad.

    I wouldn’t know what to say to a person who wanted to give up.
    I would probably tell the person to think of one person who would miss them..think of how that person would feel if they were gone, how their life would be affected. How they would just have given up, surrendered. How they won’t ever know what would have happened if they don’t try. Things can only get better. Just hang on, you’ll make it through. You always have. Thats what I would say, I guess. I don’t think it would be too convincing, but I would try.

  8. what to say

    Laurie, you’ve already hit upon it.

    Suicidal thoughts usually pass. Ask them to try to wait – a week, or day, or few minutes, whatever they can manage. Just enough time to step back from the ledge and look around for something to hold on to.

  9. If someone is that set on giving up, I’m not sure what you can say to change their mind. I think it is far wiser to keep a close eye on them and keep them talking until they find a reason on their own. I’ve been on the other side of that and there’s nothing anybody could have said that I would have heard. You just have to stay nearby and wait for them to ask, and not be afraid to take action if you are convinced they are a threat to themselves, even if you think they will hate you for it.

  10. I really don’t know what you could say to somebody like that. There was a point in my life that lasted about three months where I felt like I could honestly not see tomorrow. However, I was able to overcome it soley by myself. I think just the fact that I just kept going kept me out of trouble.

    But what to say to someone like that, or what someone could have said to me when I was feeling like that, I am lost for the words.

    Awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping inspiration to live. If somebody could build words to match that, then maybe that would be a statement well used on somebody in that certain position.

  11. Say: You won’t be here to see the tears of those who love you. Your pain won’t end in death. Your pain will haunt those you’ve left behind. Death is not the answer. Life is. When seemingly all hope is gone, there is still tomorrow’s chance that you will find the way out. Take that chance.

    And you are loved. {}

  12. Regetting Suicide Attempt

    Tell the person who you obviously care about that you do. tell them what they will miss out on in life the fun stuff. tell them that it does get better and that they are not the only ones who feel the way they do.

    last year i attempted suicide and i greatly regret it. i was put into a self induced coma a lost many friends because of it. it isn’t worth it no matter how bad you feel right now. it gets better.:)

  13. Re: wow

    I am having trouble finding the exact post where she said it, but I know Laurie has said that she does not have any control over whether her books get made into movies. I think the way movies get made from books is The People Who Make Movies have to find a book they love and then they choose to make that particular book into a movie. Hope that helps!

  14. nEver

    I feel that me and you are in the same boat. Some questions puzzle us. But, just remember that as long as you don’t give up and follow that path.

    .breathe.everything takes time

    Ideas Ideas !!
    I am trying to write a book something similar to SPEAK but not.
    Im stuck. Its about a little girl named sarah and she has been getting raped since she was young.and she dosen’t know how to react for the simple fact that it’s her own father and her mom dosen’t want to believe it because shes a pill head. and the only one that is their for this girl is her aunt carrie and sarah is starting to learn a little more and more each day that her aunt is everything that she wished she wasnt and has no one to turn to and this girl is about 10-11 and girls are starting to fasinate her and…. I don’t know Im lost I need writers insperation.

  15. Hi, this is Jonathan. I read three of your books: Catalyst, Speak, and Fever 1793. My favorite on was Fever 1793. How did you come up with the storiees? Did anything from Catalyst or Speak really happen? Who inspired you to become a writer?

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