New heros for me

I caught the tail-end of the coverage of October’s Ironman Triathalon yesterday. Sister Madonna Buder, age 76, oldest female finisher in the event’s history, swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran a full marathon (26.2 miles) in 16 hours, 59 minutes. yeah – 76 years old. I bow in humble adoration to Sister Madonna. She is my new hero.

The Hoyt family ranks right up there, too. Like Sister Madonna, they finished the Ironman. Again.

I think someone should hold a 10-day combo sports/running camp and writing workshop. At a facility with great food and massages. I’d be the first to sign up…

I’m off to the gym as soon as it opens. Today is a long, slow run day. Aiming for 7 miles. And then 7 pages.

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  1. Does your link mean that you are training for a marathon? If so, that is so cool, and best of luck!
    (If not, seven miles is still very impressive, and way to go!)

  2. Weeeeelllllll…….

    Here’s the plan: try to run 10K races (6.2 miles) summer 2007.

    Run a half-marathon (13.something miles) or 2, fall 2007.

    If the above don’t kill me, train for a marathon in the spring or fall of 2008.

    As in writing, the focus is on the training (draft pages) instead of the race itself (published book).

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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