This is celebration day in the forest. Why? First, it’s a good month for things I care about:

National Reading Group Month Obvious.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Because I enjoy being alive.
National Popcorn Popping Month Food of the gods.
National Book Month Well, yeah.
I couldn’t find any links for National Pajama Month, but this is the couture of choice for working writers.

It’s a good week, too:
Give Wildlife a Brake Week Because critters are cuter when they are not roadkill or plastered across your bumper.

They should make this Post-Teen Read Week – a week-long celebration that would be highlighted by paid leave days for YA librarians, complete with massages, brownies, and fluffy pillows

And today? Drum roll, please.
International School Library Day! ::waves at international school libraries::
National Mole Day (chemistry, not little critters)
TV Talk Show Host Day Do with this what you will.

On this day in history:
1915 – Approximately 25,000 women demanded the right to vote with a march in New York City, NY. Huzzah!

A couple of people were born on this day in history:
Michael Crichton
Ang Lee
Dwight Yoakam
Weird Al Yankovic
Doug Flutie

And me. It’s my birthday today. To celebrate with me, eat popcorn and read. (Make sure to grab a napkin to wipe your greasy fingers on if your book came from the library.)

Writer’s conference recap tomorrow, assuming my cake and ice cream hangover isn’t too bad.

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  1. Laurie, you gave me a gift for your happy birthday. Thank you for sharing the wonders of you at the One On One conference this weekend. From the moment I met you — Red Eye critique time, X number of years ago, Somewhere in Pennsylvania– I knew you were a writer that would make a difference in this world.

    You’ve already made so many differences in mine. {}

    Love to you, hope this is the sweetest of days, and take time to “scribble, scribble.” Please. The world is waiting for More of You. {}

    -Pamela Ross

  2. Happy Birthday!

    How cool that you share your day with Weird Al. If you haven’t watched his most recent video yet (for “White and Nerdy”, a parody of “Ridin’ Dirty”, then check it out for a birthday laugh.

    Oh. And I read National Mole Day as mole-ay, I kid you not. I thought it odd that we had an entire day dedicated to a sauce that contains chocolate, but then again, a day devoted to anything with chocolate in it makes sense somehow. Maybe more so than the actual day based on chemistry.

  3. happy birthday, laurie! sorry i missed your visit over the weekend. when are you coming back to the area?

    i hope you and scott and everyone else is doing well.

    take care 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Happy, happy birthday, Laurie! I hope you have the wonderful day you deserve. We (my scrumptious writing group and I) had the great pleasure to hear you speak at the RUCCL on Saturday. Hopefully, you will post a transcript of your speech on your re-cap of the day. It was difficult to take notes (i.e. “scribble-scribble, you know”)while savoring your very inspiring talk. In the mean time, I am limiting my surfing-researching-chatting etc. to allow more space for my WRITING. (One exception will be how to raise a daffodil in Manhattan 😉 Thank you!

  5. happy birthday

    Happy birthday Laurie. I’m starting the countdown for my sweet sixteen 27 days Left yay me! Oh i thought you’d also like to know that I recommended the school have a literary magazine and so far I’m a major part in it’s devolopment yay me again

      1. Re: happy birthday

        Thanks I meet with a teacher to discuss it tomorrow. I’m so nervous and excited I just want it to come out really well. It would come out more frequently then the school paper and the poetry book my school offers is only for the people who are published in it because not enough copies can be made. I figured this way it’s more available for everyone. Oh and my friend finished speak in one night yesterday.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Yay, it’s my friend Hannah’s birthday today too…and this one girl who’s not really my friend. Anyway, happy birthday.
    We celebrated Mole Day in my chemistry class. I brought muffins and was everyone’s favorite. But then my pan that held the muffins wouldn’t fit in my locker, and I didn’t want to leave it anywhere (in case I got hungry, you know), so I cared them around all day (Chemistry is 2nd period).
    Who’s Dwight Yoakam? I’m sure I’ve heard of him, but I don’t remember what it was about. Is he a singer?

  7. Happy Birthday, Laurie! I saw you speak at Rutgers on Saturday and was truly inspired. You’re so funny too! Now I promise to log off right now and get off the evil that is blogging and get back to my YA novel. Happy day!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I hope its a good one. I’ve accomplished the reading, though I haven’t eaten any popcorn.
    You’ve been a true inspiration to me and I can’t wait to buy another one of your books!

  9. I just read that the iPod celebrated its 5th birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    (um…that Happy Birthday is directed at you, L., not at the iPod…so i hope ya have a great day!)

  10. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you and to my favorite QB Doug Flutie! May all your birthday wishes come true!

    Leslie @ Park

  11. I apologize for two things: 1) my father’s awful phone message left on your machine last night and 2) for not being able to wish you the happiest of birthdays on here sooner.

    It just so happened that there was a power failure at my house for a few hours last night that prevented me from using a computer with Internet. But now that I am back in Syracuse on a working computer, I thought I’d send you some birthday wishes albeit slightly belated now.

    Happy Birthday Laurie! You rock!

    Little Quirk’s Big Sister

  12. Happy Birthday to you.

    I am a middle school student teacher doing a presentation for my fellow middle school student teachers using your novel “SPEAK”. I know you probably get asked all the time about this novel, but I thought it would add an extra facet to my presentation to include a statement from you about the novel. I am wondering how Melinda came to you? Where did you get the inspiration for the story? And what your process for writing it was? Thank you for writing it. It has left an imprint on me and I hope to be able to teach it to my future students. Cheers!

    1. Re: Happy Birthday to you.

      If you check on my website and the interview at the back of the paperback, you’ll find answers to all of your questions. Good luck!

  13. Speak

    Hello Laurie, my name is Courtney Chase I go to Lapeer West High School. I am a junior and I have a Literacy Skills class with Mrs. Debano. We have to read in her class and the first book I read was one of yours. I read Speak. I loved that book, you inspired me to read more and more. I was informed that you came to visit us one year and I would love for you to come and visit again before I graduate next year. I am also reading another one of your books Catalyst. I haven’t quite started into the book yet but I am looking forward to reading your books. I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration and a wonderful author, and I sure hope you can come and visit I would love to meet you!!

    Courtney Chase

    1. Re: Speak

      Hi Courtney!! And please say hi to Ms. Debano from both my husband and me. We had a blast at your school when we visited. Sadly, the chances of making it back out there before you graduate are zero. I have too many books to write and not enough time to do it. I hope you understand. And I really hope you keep finding books you like. Good luck!!!

  14. tillykke

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen. Hurra, hurra hurra. Du må længe leve.
    I bet you remember those few words from Denmark. Birthdays are big there, with lots of cake and wine!
    Couldn’t help myself when I checked your blog and relized it is your day to day. Congrats.
    I am pulling my hair. You just advised us (Rutgers’)all to give up volunteering adn you got A POINT. Just as I got myself into another volunteer meeting at the kids’ school. Who knows, maybe there will be some fun folks to write about… later.Why is it that volunteering is not common in Denmark. They employ people, I guess.
    Happy birthday.

    Cheka in Ithaca, NY

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