missed it by that much

Poor Buffalo.

The storm missed us here in The Forest, so we are still enjoying our spectacular peak autumn leaves. The sunrise this morning was an act of worship.

I’m off for a very busy and fun weekend. Details and photos on Monday.

Get outside this weekend, good people of the Book Shire. The Snow Queen is on the march!

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  1. When I saw the headline, my first thought was buffalo, the animal, not Buffalo, the city. Strangely enough, my reaction was the same (“Oh no! Poor B/buffalo!”)

  2. If I ran the world it wouldn’t snow before Veterans Day let alone Halloween. Also I would make Cheetos that didn’t get orange crap all over your hands.

  3. I couldn’t believe they had so much snow.
    Today, over the PA, our ancient principal said, “And if you think it’s cold out today, think about the people in Buffalo!” it was somewhat corney, but still.

  4. question for your blog

    Hi Laurie,

    I’m not sure where to ask a question, but I believe you filter anonymous comments, so this is where I’m posting it.

    What topics do you address when you speak at library conferences or other non-school events for grownups? Do conference organizers usually request a theme?

    While you’re at it, what was your first speaking engagement and how did it come about?

    Just curious!


  5. At least us Upper Dubliners aren’t to the point of snow yet!

    BUT think of it like this.
    This past summer, I went back to China. Wow, excruiatingly hot. I’d rather have the frigid cold than the death defying heat.

    Yes, I MAY have exaggerated. But only a little bit.

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