Weekly Writing Quote

I have collected a bunch of writing and creativity quotes over the years. I think it’s time to start sharing them.

Here is my favorite:

“Don’t be ‘a writer.’ Be writing.”

William Faulkner to a group of Princeton students.

Myfriend Ernesto & Myspace thoughts

I welcome Ernesto with open umbrella and open arms.

Having grown up in Central New York, there is something about dreary, rainy days that makes the writing flow for me. Flow like a frothing river, awash in hurricane-inspired floodwaters. I cranked out one chapter this morning and am in danger of another before dinner. Go ahead, big guy. Rain some more.

I signed up for a Myspace account a couple weeks ago. Why? Curious. Looking for another way to reach out to readers. I have to admit that I am underwhelmed. The ads are annoying, but what I truly hate is the time I waste getting “an unexpected error has occurred, blah, blah” messages. Here’s a question – what would be an “expected error,” huh? LiveJournal is SO much better.

Back to the book. BH is cooking chili and there is football on tonight. I love my life.

I’m back!

Hear that tip-tip-tipping? It’s me at the keyboard again. Yay!!!

I hardly wrote at all in August. I read like a fiend, and gardened and painted and cooked and slept and worked out at the gym. I drank lemonade. I weeded (not enough) and picked up a couple sticks. I didn’t get to refinish the table, but a girl has to have a fall project, too. I saw some gorgeous sunsets, and hung out with our kids and my parents. Ran a couple 5-ks and had my butt kicked by the humidity. Read some Faulkner. I guess you could say I relaxed.

And now it is autumn. The tips of the leaves up here have been showing color for a couple weeks, and our farmer neighbors are selling apples. Nights are almost cold enough for a fire in the fireplace. I adore this season.

What was the best thing that happened to you all summer?