Subject of the day: yarrr

Yeah, it’s here: Talk Like A Pirate Day. Savvy?

My mom’s doctor visit yesterday wound up taking way longer than either of us had planned because the doctor wanted a bunch of tests, blah, blah, blah. I think there is a rule that old people must have a specific number of annoying tests performed on their bodies a year, and Mom had fallen behind on her quota. The good part was in the middle of it all, we had a chance to go to Dunkin Donuts. There is something very soothing about hanging with my mom while she drinks coffee and eats a plain doughnut.

Like fantasy? Then hang with Firebird (LJ version or MySpace), the love child of my Editress Major, Sharyn.

Today’s writing job – figure out the still-snarled plot problem in chapters 10-12 of the The New Book. It’s raining, which makes work easier, and the distractions should be few. If I’m a really good girl and figure the problem out, I’m going to the gym early.

I would have loved to watch Eudora Welty eat a doughnut and drink coffee, too. I must read all of these!

Stay away from spinach, me buckos, and don’t let the scurvy sons of mothers get you down.

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  1. Yarrr! Don’t ye be touchin’ me booty (and other such double entendres). I left a cursed voice post in me captain’s log!
    ~Captain Fawndolyn

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