Some of you will love this: I have a MySpace account. Friend me so I don’t feel like a total outcast, OK?

Some of you will sprint to the bathroom and hurl. (You know who you are.)

I bet you guys don’t sit next to each other in the cafeteria.

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  1. But MySpace is full of ads! Horrible Mp3s! Scrolling Marquees!
    I’ve avoided it for a long time, though it seems to be the hot new thing….must…not…cave…

  2. I’ve requested to add you.
    I’m usually on MySpace for a total of three minutes.
    Then I get off and go do something else. Hah.
    I don’t even know why I have one. 😐

  3. Hee. I have one, too. I hardly ever login except my sister loves it and she emails me through it, etc. I find a lot of good music that way and have a few “friends” but…I don’t really USE it.

    I would love to friend you but I’m not sure our genres are compatible. I write fiction that’s most definitely for adults and I’m cautious about exposing youngsters to it.

    But have fun on Myspace!



  4. So I guess the vacation is over?

    Interests: “reading, running & lifting.” I can picture you dashing down the street, doing curls with an open volume of the OED in each hand.

    I’m saving Myspace for when I need to do some major procrastinating.

    Rumor has it you’ll be at Rutgers.

  5. Hi there. I just discovered your LJ and am delightedβ€”I’m a great fan of Speak. I read it last year at the insistence of a colleague at Haverford College (I’m no longer there, having relocated to the south) who is teaching it this semester.

    I’m on MySpace too, but mostly to be able to claim I’m “friends” with pop stars.

  6. huh.

    I have been avoiding that particular trend.

    But I don’t look down on those who have a myspace. I just don’t want one myself. Most of my friends are the proud owners of wonderfully designed myspaces.

  7. I used to be very anti-Myspace until about a year ago. I still stick mostly to Facebook because it just seems safer and less…high school-ish? But I’ve played on the radio very often, and also because my frienstarted using it more for music since the stuff I listen to doesn’t get ds who are still in high school mostly have Myspace instead of Facebook.

  8. Wow, that comment got screwed up, haha. That’s supposed to say: “But I’ve started using it more for music since the stuff I listen to doesn’t get played on the radio very often, and also because my friends who are still in high school mostly have Myspace instead of Facebook.”

  9. MySpace = excellent procrastination device. Highly rcommended.

    I crave the OED – unabridged. It’s on my “when i win the lottery” list.

    Yep. Rutgers. Must work on that speech, too. See you there?

  10. Well, I do think it’s a parent’s responsibility to monitor their children’s actions on the ‘net and everywhere. My kids know what I do. But they don’t read what I write. (They’re only 6 and 9.) So, as a reader and a person I’d friend all manner of people, based on my own interests. But as a “public” figure I feel a small measure of responsibility not to throw my work around in front of people for whom it’s not appropriate. Myspace is a huge gathering place for teens, many of whom might find Laurie’s work on their (which is good!) But I don’t need them to look at her spot and then find mine. Even though I don’t have anything really graphic on there or anything, and I can’t possibly prevent underage kids from clicking on my Myspace, I don’t have to seek out connections that would encourage it, if that makes sense. πŸ™‚

    I’m not ashamed of writing fiction for adults. But I’m also a mom and I try to be careful where I promote myself and my work, and what I present in places kids can get to it.

    So, I don’t think that *you* are irresponsible for friending all genres. But for me, in the Myspace forum, it would be a little odd to friend up with a YA author (unless it was a purely personal site.)

    My LJ is more personal than professional and I still try to label or friends lock anything racy. πŸ™‚

    I mean, hey, teens aren’t stupid and issues about romance etc. are current and should be addressed…but not by my work.


  11. the cult

    Welcome to the cult.. πŸ™‚ As much as I hate it, I love it even more. It’s an addiction really. One I’d love to break one day if at all possible :).


  12. Well, I’ve added you. That makes me what, #42? Lots of friends already, and you’ve not even been on for a day.

    Don’t actually use Myspace much, but oh well. (I’m Laura, by the way)

  13. Added! MySpace definitely isn’t my favorite, but I’ve found it useful for keeping in touch with some old friends.

    I know you’re an extremely busy lady, and this is a bit of a ridiculous request, but if you ever get a few extra minutes, I have a blog on my myspace titled “the ink of my life,” and it would mean an incredible amount to me if you could read it and tell me what you thought.


  14. yay for myspace!

    you’ve finally joined the MySpace crew! Yessssss LOL! Just thought I’d say congrats on the MySpace and I hope the vacation’s going well! =) ♥

  15. Added you as a friend

    I’ve added you as a friend. I hope you don’t have too many, that would be upsetting. By the way, do you have any advice for me? I’m working on a short story…I’m not allowed to tell any kids because she thinks someone will steal my idea. I can’t be mad, she’s right…


  16. SPEAK Question from a HS student

    I have read Speak for summer homework and am working on a literary analysis of your book. How do you think imposing on stereotypes of teenagers affects the growing trend of the use of those stereotypes? Do you think if the media (books, movies, etc.) quit displaying these stereotypes that this would have a positive effect?

    Just wondering.

  17. I have one too but I never went over the first step :opening the account…Takes too much time and is redundant. Many ppl I know prefer and switched to other sites anyway for obvious reasons.LJ is much better!But if you like it just enjoy!

  18. O-M-G

    You got a MySpace!?! Yay! I got a MySpace like a year ago, but never got on again until like this spring because people at my school convinced me to. Sometimes the bulletins and stuff are really annoying, but it’s also highly addicting and something ot do when you’re just really bored.
    I’m on right now and adding you like immediately!

  19. Ren Faires and My Space

    Just found your blog and am an admiring fellow writer. I’m a bit afraid of My Space, so I’ll still to this one. I had the honor to portray Queen Elizabeth for 2 years at the Pen Ren Faire. One of the best experiences of my life! I admit, though it’s tough to go to Sterling of any of the others, knowing the “backstage” part of the day. I become critical, much like an unhappy Queen might be at times. To quote QEI, “Though I may be a woman, I have the heart and soul of a lion and am every bit the king my father was.” Keep writing and Ren Faireing! Alison

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