Summer rolls on

The days are blurring into each other, which is disorienting and cool. On today’s list – go over copyedited manuscript of TWISTED, pay bills, answer email, research, get hair done, return some stuff to Old Navy, register self and a couple willing victims, I mean family members, for Saturday’s Harborfest 5k. I am not a fast runner, but I am touchingly earnest. I make no time predictions – the goal is to finish without needing medical attention.

I just read the Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. It was good, but not exactly what I was hoping for, because half of the book focused on King Philip’s War, which took place 50 years after the Mayflower landed. I learned a lot of fascinating things about King Philip’s War, but that’s not why I picked up the book. I also read Tim Green’s new book, Kingdom Come. He has a good eye for detail, but a couple plot twists seemed silly, and I really didn’t like the crappy description he gave Pulaski. Right now I am reading Dark Tort, by Diane Mott Davidson. I love this series so much. It’s nice to be back with familiar characters.

Some year I am going to be able to take the summer off and just read, like when I was 11.

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  1. I’d also like to take the summer off to just read.. that is pretty much what i was like at 11 too. aside from watching monkees reruns.

    I used to read all of Diane Mott Davidson’s books years ago, the first of her series. aren’t you hungry for really good desserts by the time you are done reading it? how is her new book?

  2. My Harbofest was pretty much ruined because my boss decided to put me on work Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    Thankfully I’ll be able to make it to the fireworks, hopefully with my boyfriend. :] If not with my boyfriend, going with family is just as fun.

  3. Some year I am going to be able to take the summer off and just read, like when I was 11.

    Amen, Laurie! Thank you for that sudden rush of nostalgia …

  4. I love the recipes! This book, though… I don’t know. I’m half-way through and there seem to be a lot of unmotivated scenes. People show up at her house for no reason except to give a lot of background in dialog. Not her best, but I am enjoying it.

  5. AAHHHHHH~~~!!

    i’m not worthy! i’m not worthy!!! ohmigod! i love your writing thanks for responding to my comment it means a lot to me. i’ve read all your books and they were all fantastic, you are an amazing writer!

    i read the first three of her Davidson series and got bored then i heard from other readers that her later ones weren’t that good.

    Take care, Eileen

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