I’m melting, oh, what a world!

While I melt into a puddle of ink and coffee, enjoy these photos from Number One Son.

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This feeder is outside the living room window

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Do hummingbirds get hot and cranky?

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I took this one a couple years ago when a snowstorm interrupted our re-siding of the house. Stare and enjoy!!! Feel the icy sting of winter! Yes, we’re cold. In fact, we’re freezing!! Temperatures are plummeting below zero. My teeth are blue and chattering!

It’s not working. Damn. It is gross and hot and I am snarly.

The first NFL preseason game takes place in 20 days. And in 167 days, it will be December 31st.

11 Replies to “I’m melting, oh, what a world!”

  1. I have already melted. In fact, a puddle of goo is what is typing this comment, which is getting my keyboard all sticky…oh what a world!

    But don’t worry, it’ll be December before you can blink! And then you will be saying “When’s summer?” Hee hee hee.

  2. Laurie, you and I are the ying and yang of seasons : ) I guess our meeting grounds would be spring and autumn. Love the hummingbird.

  3. Thank you for the house covered with snow so deep, you almost need to shovel the roof. I needed that. And hooray for football season! (Training camp just started)

  4. I find it ironic that temperatures have been cooler in South Florida than they have in most of the rest of the country lately. We’ll just ignore the fact that the 90 doesn’t feel all that different from 96, okay?

  5. Haha, I’d even take 96…it was 105 today! Talk about a heat wave…luckily it gives me an excuse to stay inside in the cold AC heh heh…

  6. i’m melting!

    hehehehehe! i felt like i was melting today too. it was 99 degrees in carlisle and i was out visiting elderly people. at least i wasn’t outside all day. thanks for the picture of the snowstorm. i tried to pretend it was cold like you did but it didn’t really work. i even tried listening to christmas music to think about winter, but that didn’t work either. can’t wait to read your rennaisance (sp?) stories. oh i had a dream about you and me together last night. we just saw each other at some random place and talked. it was a very good dream. i miss you and hope we get to see each other sometime.

  7. I am guessing that you have this new-fangled thing called “air-conditioning.”

    We only need it a couple days a year, so we don’t have it……. yet.

  8. nope, no air. I just like heat. I think I am part old grizzly lizard. That’s why I adore summer, and I go into hibernation in winter.

  9. NEVER move to San Fernando Valley

    If you can’t stand extreme heat and don’t have air conditioning, do not move to the San Fernando Valley in California. Under any conditions. I was at my friend’s house there. It was… duh-da-da-da… 110 degrees. Now I know how stir-fried vegetables feel.


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