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  1. I agree. That was the best article I have ever read about your work! When I saw Twisted was mentioned I started freaking out. lol. I was expecting a little sneak peek. ah well. 2007 will be here in five more months 😛 It is hard switching sexes. Recently I’ve written a couple of novellas with males as the MC. it’s fun writing from a male POV because I get to ask my guy friends questions I was too embarrassed or would never think about asking!! Anyhow- I’m going to share this article with some friends and give it to my own local library 😛

    Have a good day!!


  2. *huge grins* It’s awesome, isn’t it? I love YA lit, and I think it’s about time you incredible YA writers get the kudos you all deserve, especially for developing the genre into what it is today. Congrats!

  3. “I’ve never met a teen-ager who wasn’t hungry and appreciative of the adults in their lives, adults who were willing to be honest with them, to have expectations of them, and to talk with them.”
    Now if only this little bit of info could go out to all parents and other adults, like teahcers (at least at my school). I couldnt agree more. We want to be able to to talk to people and not have them think of us as children who dont know what they’re talking about. I only know two people who do that with me and that is my theare teacher and my mom. Kudos to you for pointing that out.

  4. congratulations on the article:-)!

    i thought the article was amazing. i agree with you that it’s the best article ever written about your work. i would like to hear the story of the renaissance festival when you have time! and i can’t wait to read twisted.

  5. Kudos to Joel Dossi for so clearly understanding and writing so well about his subject. Kudos and hugs to you for being you. Your last line (“Grownups are boring.”) reminds me of a book by John Holt, “How Children Fail”, which challenges the educational system to stop numbing a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Maybe we become too careful as we age, lose our curiosity, and become boring. This is clearly not your problem.

  6. Good writing

    Thousands of other authors get their YA material published every year.

    Hundreds of them do the same speaking tour gigs you do.

    Thousands of those same kids (in those speaking gig sessons)sit there obediently and some listen and alot just doze off.

    But there is a reason SPEAK and the author had an article this good written about it and her.

    There is a REASON it has sold over a million paperback copies.

    Good Writing.

  7. Omg it’s you Laurie Halse Anderson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Hey Hey I found you online!!!!!!!!!!
    Speak was the first of your books that I have read, recently I finished Catalyst. Both are so great, but I like Speak better. Your depiction of high school culture and its absurdities is wonderfully great, penetratingly realistic, and satirical. I love them.
    My writing page: http://fictionpress.com/~chineseinam
    These writings are not that good, due to the fact English is my second language.

  8. “Grownups are boring.”

    Ohhhhh …!

    *smacks forehead*

    I finally figured out why I like to write about teens!!!

    It’s a true a-ha moment.

    And yes, great article.

  9. Speak

    I have read Speak numerous times. In a very small way, I can relate to Melinda and because of this, I find things much easier… Well… the whole point of this was to say thanks. Thanks for everything. :]

  10. lha…l

    from dad – yeah, I read that piece in the Syracuse paper and thought it was fine piece of work. That last phrase is from Shakespeare.

    Love you all


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