Day 1 of summer and I’m already complaining


Hazy. Hot. Humid.

I hate days like this.

This will be a short entry, because nobody wants to listen to me whine about the weather.

More X-Men 3 Mistakes I feel vindicated. Since movie theaters have air conditioning, I’m thinking I should head to one soon. Any suggestions about what I should watch?

I’m cranky already so I might as well go for broke. I am going to the gym.

Here – figure out how your household is impacting the environment.

5 Replies to “Day 1 of summer and I’m already complaining”

  1. I’m with ya on the weather. We have no air conditioning here, so the entire house feels sticky. Blah

    Over The Hedge or RV – good comedies to forget about the weather.

  2. Every time I breathe the world global warming, people just stare at me like I am talking about Greek myth than Christianity. I am glad you included that link because I really want to improve my habits, and my husband does too.

  3. link to website

    Ms. Anderson,
    Wanted to ask if it’s ok to post a link to your website on my blog, Wordswimmer. (You can check it out at If not, just let me know and I’ll remove it.
    Also, if you have the time… and are interested in sharing any thoughts on your writing process… I’d love to add your voice (one of my favorite’s)to the blog.
    Thanks so much.
    Bruce Black

  4. Re: link to website

    Thanks for including me.

    I’d be happy to talk about my writing process, but I’d prefer to wait until the fall, if that’s OK. You can email me care of my website.

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