We have a winner!

Packing one last time tonight! I leave tomorrow for Goshen, IN where I will spend Wednesday speaking at Goshen High School.


Because that is where the winner of the PROM contest goes to school. I’m still waiting for releases to post the names and writing samples of the winner and runners-up, but I guess it’s OK to tell you the winner goes to Goshen. When I’m done in Indiana, I head for Washington, DC, to BEA, the massive conference for booksellers.


Because the very nice people at BEA have invited me to give a speech. Wish me luck (taking a look at who else is giving speeches at the same function and you’ll understand.) I won’t be there very long – arrive Thursday, leave Friday, but I am really looking forward to this. It is a fantastic way to end the current travel/speaking “season”. (If you are a bookseller and you see me there, please let me know you read this LJ!!)

Thanks for all the input on the jacket photo. I am bowing to public opinion and choosing Photo #1, but I’m sure Theo will find some use for the others on the website.

BH & Son picked lilacs for me yesterday. Now our house smells like them, and the apple trees down the road are in bloom like young girls in pretty skirts. Life is good.

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  1. oh, we have like…two trees in our dinky little yard, but one is a baby lilac tree and my mom just clipped a few off the other day. Our kitchen smells wonderful.

  2. lilacs

    Lilacs are my favorite. We have lilacs all around our house, like the garden of eden. Purple and lavendar and white… they smell like life. I love them. I used to sell them fifty cents a bunch when I was younger…
    Now I climb down the lilac tree from my second story window and escape into the fragrance.
    It’s beautiful…

    Good luck with your speech. Speeches are so nerveracking. You’ll do well, I just know it.


  3. Very cool! Both about the PROM contest winner and BEA! You’ll be fabulous! 🙂 Any chance you’ll be at the L.A. conference???? (Hey I can wish!)

  4. Woohoo.

    I always wondered about those clubs they have where you can read authors books early and then you give them your opinion. I want to join one of those groups! But this conference your going, well I wish you the best luck on that. Especially the speech. Always remember to expect the unexpected. So if you trip or something or say something goofy, well then you know to expect it. So just smile and wave like you meant it.

    Good luck!


  5. I won’t be going to BEA, and I’m not a bookseller, but do say hi to my coworkers at the Wizards of the Coast/Mirrorstone Books booth. If the booth looks anything like it did last year at ALA, it’ll be the talk of the exhibit hall. Just look for the booth that makes you think “medieval bookshop.”

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