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I hate having my picture taken. Loathe it. Would rather have root canal. It brings up lots of old body image stuff for me and makes me feel like there is a colony of ants crawling under my skin.

And now I have this career where I travel a lot and many kind readers want to have their picture taken with me. When I get to meet my favorite authors, I like to have my picture taken with them, too, so I understand the impulse and I honor it. In fact, when I have my picture taken at booksignings and schools, I usually get goofy and act like a big ham. This is how I cover up my terror and discomfort.

Recently, readers have started pointing out that I no longer resemble my jacket photo, taken in 1999. And the goddesses in the publicity department have been grumbling, too. So I did a lot of research and found a photographer that maybe, just maybe, could take a picture of me that I could live with.

Last week BH and I traveled to Maine, to the studio of Joyce Tenneson, the photographer. Joyce and her assistant Raquel were the kindest souls imaginable. I was terrified, but they performed magic. We shot outside her studio, on a hill that overlooked a cove on the Maine coast. Joyce was able to make the sun shine on command and conjured the wind to blow a couple times. She sent us home with lots of shots to choose from.

Take a look at all 4 and then vote, please!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo 1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo 3

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo 4

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  1. I think #1 is the best of the group. I do like the fun background of #3, but it draws away from you a bit too much.

  2. ** #1: a great picture in a neutral place **


    #3 if you want candid,

    #2 – your hair looks phenomenal, but it is too hard to see your face

    #4 – is a GREAT picture, probably my favourite, but I think it would be a distracting author photo because the pose hints at too many mysteries.

  3. I vote…

    I think #1 does the trick. It’s simple, but absolutely beautiful! But you are the one who has to be happy with your choice.


  4. nice photos!

    I like #3 the best, but #1 is good also, especially if it’s going to be a smaller photo. I must say, I love your jean jacket. It just makes you seem friendly, and also approachable. That’s how I like to see authors. It makes me think that if I ever did get to meet you, (which I should be able to, because I live in Camillus, but whatever) that you’d be nice, someone I’d enjoy talking to.


    P.S. Please come to my school! I go to CBA, and I know I’m not the only one who’d like to meet you. Last summer they assigned both Fever 1793 and Speak as summer reading, to the 8th and 10th graders. (I think. I’m not totally sure if I’ve got the grades and books right). I was annoyed that I didn’t get to discuss them in class, especially Speak, but I’m a junior, and we only get boring books, like Hemingway. Anyways, you’d be a perfect person to come talk, especially since you’re not too far away.

  5. I completely agree with all of this.
    #1 I think makes the best author photo, but #4 I think is my favorite in general.

  6. my photo choice

    i pick photo #1 because your smile is very pretty in that one. no offense (and i hope i don’t hurt your feelings or anything) but in photo #2 you look a little scary. i like the background in photo #3. and if you want to look mysterious then i’d say photo #4. but honestly my choice is photo #1. i can’t wait to read your new book and see what picture is on the jacket. when i read it and see the picture, i’ll say that i had a vote in the matter LOL. -ash 🙂

  7. Awesome!

    #1 all the way. There were some excellent points made above about the others, but #1 shows your true classy Laurie-ness. And it’s ageless. #2 has great hair and outstanding backlighting except your mouth is washed out. And you look faintly sad. #3 also washes out your mouth, and the carving on the tree is distracting (but interesting). #4 just flat makes me wonder what you’re looking at or thinking about. There is no connection with the viewer/reader. You are gorgeous. Inside and out.
    Hugs, Aunt B

  8. my two cents…

    I am going to conform and say that I believe photo #1 is the best choice for a book jacket. Although I love all the photos for different reasons, #1 just has the most balance to it in my opinion. =)

    Your avid/rabid fan,

    P.S. Avidly/rabidly awaiting your next book…

  9. A Tree Grows in…

    I love #3. You look lovely. You look poised to say something. You look natural. You look creative.

    And the tree. Oh that tree.

    It reminds me of SPEAK. {{{}}


  10. Poll

    Number one I think is the best author pic and has my vote — you look very approachable and down to earch, but I also love number four because it’s just a cool picture.

    Final vote: number 1

  11. Photos

    Photo #1. Photo #2 you look frightened, caught — maybe because of the light it seems extreme. Photo #3 there’s too much background and it detracts from you (which may be something you’d love, since you don’t like photos in the first place). I hate photos too, by the way. Photo #4 just seems a little odd, but I’ve never been a big fan of side views. Photo #1 makes you look warm, but still just slightly vulnerable. Your eyes are really expressive in all of these photos. And these are very nice photos. But overall, I like #1.

  12. #4 says you are happy to be in your skin… most people are afraid of profiles…#3 is my pick because the background says a lot about your personality- natural- outdoors- loving life…heck, I didn’t see anything wrong with the photo you have now! Love you.

  13. one

    You should use 1 – the lighting is absolutely perfect and even, and you have just the barest hint of a smile. 2 is a little stronger, but your expression is more closed off… and the lighting in 3 is harsh, although the composition is pretty. 4 is beautiful too, but it says very little about you. It’s incredible that you were able to work with Joyce Tenneson, the woman is genius, I love her work.

  14. I like #1 best and #2 second. You fade into the background a bit in #3, and I think #4 seems too posed — the sort of thing Melinda wouldn’t like, I think, if it were on her book.

  15. A smile would be nice, but if you aren’t giving it up, I like number three. The lighting is intriguing, and you look both open and secretive at once.

  16. Poll

    I would say either 2 or 3. I just recently watched Speak, and I am speechless. It brought back many a memories of my youth, some good, and some not so good. If we only knew then. Anyhow, I just like to say thank you.

  17. hey

    #1 is the best – not too serious, but pretty.
    #2 – you’re too serious in the photo.
    #3 – too much light on your face, but nice nonetheless.
    #4 – not so good, since it’s just a profile

    #1 is the best. ^^

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