Applicious MacWonderful


::rolls on floor with glee like a cat on a mountain of catnip::

I have one million gazillion emails to answer plus a lot of other stuff, but it is all possible now because I HAVE MY COMPUTER!!!

:: more rolling and gurgling with happiness::

A deep bow of gratitude and humble thanks to Bobby and the rest of the crew at the Apple Store at the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse. They went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of me. Remember that old-fashioned thing called customer service? This is the last store in America where you can see it practiced every day.

(If anyone out there has been trying to email me, please be patient. This is going to take a while, plus the next three days are crammed with speaking stuff.)

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  1. Nice! I get my computer in ONE MONTH on my birthday……I can’t wait, I’ll finally have my own computer to do my own writing on again.

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