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  1. A friend told me that kids nowadays are sometimes applying to 20 colleges…which seemed pretty far-fetched, but here is proof. The situation reminds me so much of Kate Malone’s situation…only backwards…and is that a caffeine molecule on the inside title page of CATALYST? I didn’t notice it till today, but that’s so cool!

    Anyway: best of luck on your speech (:

  2. Hello

    We 8th graders listend to your book on tape It was the best book I’ve listened to. How long have you been writing books? the person who wrote this is Sheena Douglas from Shungnak, Alaska We only have one small school. What let you become a writer?

  3. hey

    My name is Cindy Cleveland from Shungnak, Alaska. I was wondering how do you get your ideas for your books? Well, yeah my class do have writing class and I would like to write a little book but one problem I can’t think of what to write. So I was wondering if you can help me?


  4. Hi

    Hi my name is Sheena Douglas and I live in Shungnak, Alaska I listened to one of your books on tape it was one of the best books Iv’e listened to. When did you started writing books? Are you working on Writing a book? What will be the name of the book?


  5. hi =)

    Wow you must get lots of comments from students asking help for english essays..but mine is a little different..lol

    I am writing a paper on how speak and the scarlet letter are kinda the same..my teacher gave me ideas about the ostrasizing of Melinda and Hester Prinne and maybe even how controlling men affected the characters..
    and i was wondering if you knew of any good sites that have any critical essays on speak..

    I wanted to compare speak and catalyst because they both had two hs student “dealing with problems that arent normally brought up in books” as you have said..but my teacher recommended scarlet letter..

    well if you know of any sites could you like post it in ur next blog entry? I cant remember my livejournal sn so i dont have a place for u to contact me at.. unless u would like to email me.. but you probably have a really busy schedual..

    here it is just in case..


    Thanks!! :]]

  6. Re: Hi

    I am clearly not LHA, but i’ve been following her LJ for a bit, where she has said that her next book will be called TWISTED. She said it in February, and a lot of people were very pleased. She also recently started writing a historical novel set during the American Revolution. And i hope that helps 🙂

  7. Re: Hello

    I started trying to writing books in 1992. It took me a while to figure out how to do it well. Nothing “lets” you become a writer. It’s like most things in life – if you want to do it, you should be prepared to work hard. But if you love it, the hard work feels like fun (most of the time.)

  8. Re: hey

    Ideas are everywhere!!!!!!! You need a character and a conflict – boom! Start writing. Sorry I can’t help you anymore than that, but I have my own stuff to do.

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