odds and ends day

We went to Auburn last night to visit my aunt who was in the hospital for ominous “procedures”. I walked in prepared for the worst and pretty upset about it because this aunt has been a really big part of my life. I think a lot of my personality comes from her influence. As usual, she blew me away. She was much stronger than I thought and she had a fantastic attitude about her diagnosis and treatment options. I floated out of there, so grateful so have women like her in my life.

I leave in a few minutes to argue with a bank that has put a Hold on my account because it is less than 30 days old. Now mind you, the money in that account came in the form of a BANK CHECK which is basically as good as cash. (This was when I was transferring all my accounts up here.) And the problem is that when I deposited the money, they didn’t tell me there would be a hold on it. So, fool that I am, I went and wrote several important checks to pay for my quarterly tax installments. Which will bounce if the bank doesn’t release the hold. It is a bad thing to bounce your tax payments. Grrrr….

Have been talking to my editors last couple of days and figuring out what my writing and publication schedule will be for the next couple of years. It is scary and exciting. Depending on how the next two months of writing go, my new novel should come out at this time next year. I can’t give you a title yet because the title changes almost everyday.

Thanks to Rebecca in Georgia and Monique in New Jersey for writing great notes that made me smile!!

Once I get back from errands, it will be a quiet writing day. We’ve been doing some construction here, but nobody can show up today with a hammer. Aaahhh… peace…

Oh, wait! Don’t go yet! Check out this interview with Neil Gaiman about his new book!

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