All Live 8 Day

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am not going into Philly for Live 8. But I’ll be watching all day.

And wondering.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m looking forward to the music. And I’m proud of Philly for being a host (even as I have my fingers crossed for a disaster-free day). But I have to wonder… how does this achieve the goal of raising awareness about the struggles of people in Africa?

Maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon because the coffee isn’t ready yet. Or I’m too old. Or I’m one of those irritating cynics who, at heart, are profoundly innocent, and who hate seeing the better nature of mankind squashed by ignorance and greed over and over again. Enough grumbling. I will try to be sunny and optimistic about this. In fact, I’ll drop in here throughout the day with my thoughts about the extravaganza.

Now where’s that coffee?

10:30am update: I’ve been using my frustration to pack books. And I keep checking Live 8 news. Local news reports that Michael Jackson will not be performing. Thank God.

11:30 am. This is the Live 8 blog I’m following. I used to work with this guy when I was a reporter.

Noon. Coffee has kicked in and I am trying not to be cranky and cynical. But I sure hope that they have voter registration booths set up. If you want to make a difference, register and vote. If you want to make a HUGE difference, get involved with the party of your choice at the grassroots level. If enough people did that, we could remake the political landscape in two years. (Opening with Sgt. Pepper is fun.)

1:46 pm – Will Smith for President!! Will Smith for World Emperor! That was the best performance, IMHO.
2:06pm – Here’s a radical idea – have MTV and VH1 donate their profits from all the incredibly annoying commercials. You could use that money to feed, clothe and educate people all over the world.
2:19pm – I vow to work out until my shoulders are are cut as Madonna’s. (That is one of those lines you never think you’re going to write.)
2:39pm – We just enjoyed 2 seconds of Dave Matthews. (I counted.) Thank you, MTV. Thank you very much. Because you gave me what I really wanted: another commercial for Bewitched.
2:44pm – we come back from commercial in time for three seconds at the end of a Dave Matthews song. Now he’s talking… now he’s playing. I love this guy. Off to listen. I hope.
2:50 pm – they almost let us hear the whole song. Sigh. I have to get ready for a graduation party.

Happy post-ALA news

Word came today that both SPEAK and FEVER 1793 were chosen for the 100 Best of the Best list compiled by YALSA. (Thank you, lovely librarians!) I haven’t been able to find an link to the entire list yet. If somebody knows the coordinates, let me know so I can post it and we can all enjoy it.

Scheduling utility shut-offs didn’t take as long as I feared. I used the extra time to write a poem. Now I have to pack the extra sheets and pots and pans.

I am NOT going downtown for Live 8 tomorrow. I am a weenie about sun and heat, and I’ve heard they are going to be stingy with public bathrooms. Are any of you guys going? If so, be sure to report back.

A thunderstorm is rolling in. The kitties living on the deck have taken cover under the folding chairs.

Are you bored?

Here’s a writing prompt. Use this image to kick off a story or essay idea. If you want, link to your story in the comments, or insert your favorite couple of paragraphs in a comment.

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Me? I have to contact all the utility companies in preparation for the Big Move. (Picture me throwing the phone against the wall in frustration.)