June is busting out, etc., etc.

In 8th grade I somehow wound up with a scholarship and the chance to attend Manlius Pebble Hill, a very nice private school outside Syracuse, NY. It was a great year – not at all the typical, tortured 8th grade hell most people have to live through. Anyway, our class put on The King and I. (There were maybe 30 people in our class.) My role was Tall Girl Who Stands In The Back and Says Nothing. Wendy and Philip had the lead roles, which meant, of course, that we viewed them as a couple, when nothing could have been further than the truth. Philip used to call Wendy a “Battle Axe”. I was never sure exactly what he meant by that, but it didn’t sound good. Anyway, anyway, the song in today’s subject line is in that musical and I can’t get the thing out of my head.

Another random thought: cigarettes killed Yul Brenner (who was the lead in the original King and I and a very sexy bald guy) and lots of other people. Don’t smoke. Quit.

I am rambling this morning because I had a dream in which I gave birth to a baby boy. I half-woke up and said “That’s silly. I’m not pregnant. Besides, if I just had a baby, my boobs would feel funny.” So I started to fall asleep again. And then my boobs felt funny. I leapt out of bed. Totally freaked me out.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Here is our dog, Kezzie, being afraid of Lake Ontario. (The sexy bald guy wearing the hat is Beloved Husband Scot.)

I’m back in PA for a couple days. Mer’s last, last, last band concert is tonight. (More sobbing ahead.) I stopped in Bethlehem on my way south last night and got to see where Stephanie will be living next year. She’ll be the Resident Director on South Campus at Moravian College. She has an apartment in the dorm built in 1865. Her living room looks out onto a tree that was standing when the Constitution was signed. How cool is that?

Deep Throat, the whistleblower who blew open Watergate, has identified himself. This is amazing.