Spring’s almost over, time to think about fall and Boston

With today’s elementary school visit done, I officially have only one more school visit during this “season” (on the 16th). So it makes sense that I had a long chat with Sarah, Scheduling Goddess, last night. Sarah is in the incredibly nice person who handles all the inquires from people who want me to speak at their conference or school. We have a couple of conferences confirmed for the fall, and now we’re nailing down inquiries from schools.

So here’s the thing. It looks like I’ll be in the Boston area from 10/31/05 – 11/4/05. If you are interested in having me speak at your school or library in or around Boston that week, let’s see if we can make it happen.

Step 1: carefully read through my information page. That gives details about my presentations, fees, requirements, etc.
Step 2: talk to your boss-type people who have to give permission.
Step 3: email Sarah: henrysa78@yahoo.com. She takes care of everything from there.

My favorite moment after today’s school visit was when I pulled out my day planner and wrote “Writing Day” on most of the remaining days in May. I can’t wait to get started on the new book. My stomach is getting squiggly (it always does this) and I am scared (I always am) and totally stoked. I won’t be giving details about the plot or characters here in LJ-land as I’m working on it, but I’ll be letting you know where I am in the writing process and how it’s going – or not going.

My next favorite moment will be in another hour or so when my BH walks in the door. Haven’t seen him in two weeks. Miss him something awful!!!

I’ll post the details about my writer’s group and the way we critique tomorrow.

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